Long Weekend at Callala Beach

I’m back, I’m back!

I have a couple of recipes I really want to share with you all this week, but first I just wanted to share some snaps of our weekend away.

For anyone who isn’t aware,the weekend that just went past was the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, meaning most of us Australians (except those in WA) were fortunate enough to have a public holiday on Monday and therefore an extended weekend.

Most of my long weekends over the last few years have usually been spent road tripping to beach houses all up and down the coast with a few really good friends. We started one year, and it’s become a tradition now that we have to do it at least once or twice a year now, without fail. This year was no different.

On Friday night after work, I packed up some clothes, food and wine (can’t forget that!) and early Saturday morning, myself, Jared and 2 of our friends headed down to Callala Beach to stay for the weekend. We had time to kill before we could pick up the keys, so we decided to explore the beach. The boys eventually set up a fishing spot, and my girlfriend and I drank ciders and chatted away until the boys ran out of bait! We decided to head to the house for lunch after that!image (34)photo 2photo 1 The house was 3 bedrooms, and the perfect size for us. Each couple got a room, and we had another girlfriend driving down the next day to stay for the night, so it worked out well! The backyard also had a big deck, a BBQ, an outdoor shower for post beach trips and a big tree (that I of course had to climb!).Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset My friend Chris has a Philippino background and had prepared a traditional dish called Tocino for us the night before and packed it to cook for us that night. I love eating and learning about other countries traditional meals! Tocino is basically home cured pork neck or belly, which is marinated then grilled or fried and served with rice and a fried egg. It was my first time trying it and I loved it!!


After dinner we just chilled out, played a few card games, watched a movie and called it a night pretty early as we’d all been up since the crack of dawn.

The next morning, my girlfriend Mia and I did a coffee run to the local cafe while the boys were still bleary eyed and waking up. When we got back, we were so surprised to see that they had started cooking us up some breakfast! What sweet hearts! I had packed some big streaky rashers of free range bacon, Mia had packed some free range eggs and Chris had packed some frozen hashbrowns, so that’s what they cooked up on the BBQ for us. Such a good breakfast! A good mix of naughty and nice I think, haha!

45Not long after breakfast, my girlfriend Candice turned up and we all spent the rest of the day drinking sangria, blasting songs from our high school days and singing along far too loudly to them, playing various drinking games and eating cheese platters like this one in between it all! (This one had mixed cheeses, free range ham and local parma ham).6For dinner, I whipped up a few different dishes for us. During the day, I’d had two batches of organic chicken marinating in the fridge. One was honey soy, and the other was spicy harissa. I’d brought all the ingredients from home and just put it all together there. When it time to eat, I baked them for half an hour first, before Chris finished them off on the BBQ for me. I also made a kale pesto pasta salad using this recipe of mine. I made the pesto in about 10mins on the Friday night after packing, and brought the jar and some pasta with me. Easy peasy! And to finish it, I made a side salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, feta, spanish onion and balsamic vinaigrette. 7Unfortunately no photos of the finished dinner as we were too busy digging in!!

Actually, there’s not many photos at all come to think of it… which is pretty unusual for me? I honestly didn’t plan to blog about the weekend at all though, so I just didn’t take many snaps. I guess it was one of those weekends where I just wanted to relax, not worry about getting nice “blog-worthy photos” and just enjoy some proper time off! Which I did! :)

For anyone else that had a long weekend, I hope you enjoyed it too! (And I also hope your transition back into work today wasn’t too awful!)

I’ll be back later in the week to share a couple of awesome recipes with you. One of them being 4 ingredient buckwheat pizza bases that I made tonight! 

Here’s a sneak peek…7.Laura x