Hunter Valley Anniversary Trip Pt 5: Lunch at Emerson’s Cafe

My last post of our anniversary trip is here. It’s taken me a while as I’ve been so busy this past week and weekend, but it’s been so nice reminiscing about our trip, all the good food we ate, the delicious wine we drank and the good times we had. It’s not often we get to treat ourselves to all of these things as much as we did, so we definitely made the most of it. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it too!

Back to our last day there! Tatler said that there was no one staying after us that day, so we didn’t have to check out at 10am if we didn’t want to. And we definitely didn’t want to! We lazed about on the balcony, sipping wine and reading magazines until our hunger took over.

We went across the road to Emersons again. We went there for breakfast on the Saturday and loved it so much we had to go back to try their lunch menu


Shortly after we were seated, we were lucky enough to see a helicopter land and drop some people off right next to the cafe. It was awesome! Riding in a helicopter is definitely on my bucket list now!


We ordered the bruchetta and some coffee to start. The bread was lovely and thick, with a deliciously crunchy crust. 

emersons cafe

We decided to share our main. The lunch menu comes with the option to have all the dishes as a small (single) serve or to have it as a large (sharing) serve. We ordered the bbq pork loin, crackling, cavolo nero, charred capsicum and raisins.

emersons cafe

It was sensational. The pork loin was cooked perfectly, and kept juicy and tender. The cavalo nero and capsicum were cooked in a delicious sauce and the sweet raisins gave a nice contrast to the salty pork and crackling. The crackling was different to your usual crackling you’d find on a roast. It was very much like the crackling that my mum would serve as part of a traditional side dish with her papaya salad. It made me think of hot summers at my mum’s place, when she would serve that almost daily to us kids and we’d happily lap it all up despite how spicy it was! I love food that evokes memories like that, it makes the meal even more enjoyable! And that’s exactly what this crackling did for me! 

We enjoyed every mouthful. Truly nothing to fault with it!

emersons cafe

emersons cafe

After we finished our lunch, we went to say goodbye to the lovely lady we met the day before (the hilarious one who took our photo for us) and told her that we’d be putting the photo on my blog and she got so excited. So excited in fact, that she promptly told us that she’d see if the owner of the cafe was free to come see us because she’d love for him to meet us. 

Despite how busy it was, Emerson himself emerged from the kitchen to have a chat. It was so nice to be able to shake hands with the person the cafe was named for, and to see that he not only owns it, but works so hard alongside his team to bring such beautiful dishes to the table for us. A great man, and a wonderful experience! Brilliant way to end our weekend!

Thank you to the staff at Emerson’s and Emerson himself for such a wonderful time. We’ll be back for the degustation next time!

Laura x