Make Your Own Seedling Pots!

DIY seedling pots

Oops. It’s been weeks since I’ve posted. I had a few very valid excuses though. We had our big move, I turned the big 2-5 (which means I’m due for a quarter life crisis soon) and I had my end of trimester assignments to somehow scavenge together as well. Between all these I had a smattering of birthdays, family events, Christmas gatherings, getting my fitness back on track with regular yoga classes and if I’m going to be honest, there’s also been a lot of sitting around and doing nothing in the last few days. It’s nice to just be able to sit and know that your biggest responsibilities for the day are to upkeep your personal hygiene and feed yourself.  It’s been bliss!

But I’m ready to get back into my adult responsibilities though, including blogging! I’m so excited to get back to writing after taking so much time off. I feel rejuvenated, and ready to type my little heart out.

I’ve had the photos for this little crafty project sitting in my laptop ready to be typed up since the second week we moved in. I remember the first day we saw our new place, the balcony was instantly one of my favourite corners. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to fill it with planter boxes of organic, home grown produce and hanging baskets of flowers and succulents.

So as a birthday present to myself, I purchased a whole bunch of seeds from Greenpatch. Their seeds are untreated, non-hybrid, non-GMO and open pollinated. And they’re pretty decently priced and the delivery time was super quick! I highly recommend them!

Now, you can of course buy little seedling pots to plant and sprout your seeds. But I thought why not recycle things I already had lying around at home? It’s far more eco-friendly and cheaper, so why wouldn’t I right?

The two things I used were toilet paper rolls and an empty egg carton. Both not very glamorous by themselves, but were perfect for the seedlings! The only added benefit with the toilet paper rolls are that they can be planted with the seedlings once they’ve sprouted, and will eventually break down in the soil. If you don’t want to do this though, the paper is easy enough to peel off prior to planting. I also made little labels from glossy cardboard I had laying around. A plastic sheet may be better though as it will be water resistant and won’t get ruined.

1 2 3 5

The steps are as simple as simple can be, and a cute way to get kids involved in the planting. I can’t wait to do this my future children one day! Just the thought makes me smile!

If you are using toilet paper rolls, all you need to do halve them and place in a tray. If you’re using both, just pop them into the lid of the egg carton.

Then fill either the rolls or egg carton spots (or both) with some good seedling potting mix. Try and use organic if you can – I bought some at Flower Power for dirt cheap (and no, I’m not at all sorry for that accidental pun). Place the seeds in each “pot” and cover with a little more potting mix. The instructions on how to deep to plant the seeds should be on the packets, but if they’re not, a general rule of thumb is to cover it with 3 times the height of the size of seed itself.

6. 7. 8. 9.

Then just keep them in a nice sunny spot (but not in harsh direct sunlight all day, every day) to germinate and keep well watered. After a week or two, you should hopefully see gorgeous little sprouts like mine!

12. 13. 11..

This is my balcony right now, a couple of weeks on. Jared bought me enough planter boxes to line my balcony, which I’ve since filled with soil and my seedlings! Hopefully we’ll get some beauties over the next couple of months! The kale you see there was actually gifted to me from my girlfriend Amber for my birthday, she’s got the cutest veggie patch that I’ll have to share with you all on here some time!

As for this whole crafty pants thing, I’m really liking it! Maybe my next craft post will be a tutorial on making macramé plant hangers? Would that be something you would be interested in? 

Laura x