Meal Prep Monday #4

Hello for the second time today lovelies!

Before I go back into hibernation mode for the night, I just wanted to quickly share some of my “meal prep” I’ve done for the week. Spoiler alert: it’s not much. I whipped up a slow cooker roast chicken and veg on Saturday and made some energy balls yesterday after I got home from Father’s Day festivities. I was wiped – being sick really took a toll on my energy levels. But I wanted to at least have a couple of things prepped.

I’ll be posting the recipes for both later this week, so for now I’ll just give you a quick rundown of them.

For the energy balls, I mixed together oats, LSA, peanut butter, tahini, honey and chia seeds and rolled them in a few different toppings. These are loaded with good fats, long sustaining energy and protein and will be a great post-gym snack that will tie me over until I can have my proper breakfast (if I can manage to get there this week!) or to have with a cup of tea as a mid morning or afternoon snack.


For the chicken, I actually experimented by popping a whole chook that I seasoned and stuffed with lemon and garlic, on top of some organic potatoes, onions and garlic and let cook for the afternoon. I’d never tried to cook a chicken this way before, but I was really happy with the results. The potatoes were cooked through, the onion softened and sweet the chicken was juicy and not at all dry!

I’d actually made it for dinner for Saturday night, but with the intention of the leftovers being packed away for future meals. I love cooking large, simple meals like this for that very reason of saving on time and effort and getting more than one meal out of it!


And that’s it really! We have loads of fruit, raw nuts and cheese that I can rotate with the energy balls for snacks, and other lunches to rotate this week will simply have to be leftovers from dinner the night before.

I almost didn’t post this week’s Meal Prep Monday because it wasn’t too exciting, but I thought it would be good for you to see my very well prepared weeks in comparison to my lesser prepared weeks to show you that I’m human and not perfect.

Eating well should be part of your lifestyle, and not feel like strict guidelines that you have to follow or otherwise feel like a failure for not being perfect. We just do the best we can sometimes, and that is most definitely ok!

Hope you all had a great start to the week!


Laura xx