Meal Prep Monday #9

Meal Prep Monday…. on a Tuesday?! 

I was lucky enough to have a long weekend because of the public holiday yesterday, and so my working week didn’t actually start until today! I spent Saturday catching up on uni work, on Sunday Jared and I did a day tour through the Hunter Valley for one of our good friend’s birthdays (so much fun!) and yesterday I spent it relaxing with my girlfriend Amber and her fiance. They came over for lunch and ended up staying until almost 9pm, it’s hard to stop us chatting once we’ve started!

I didn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen when I had guests over, but I also didn’t want to miss out on meal prep either because I knew my body would need some nourishing food this week, especially after a long weekend full of wine, cheese and pizza! So I combined most of my meal prep with the lunch prep!


I wanted to do a simple chorizo and broccoli pasta and a roast chook for lunch. To make my life easier, I simply roasted another chicken for our meal prep at the same time! All I did was get two medium sized free range chickens, stuffed them each with wedges of lime and lemon (I love the citrus-y aroma it gives the chicken), rubbed them in olive oil, pepper and my favourite spice mix at the moment – MCCormick’s Lemon Thyme Salt. I then popped them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 1.5 hours. So simple! It took me an extra 5 minutes of prep time, but we got double the amount of food!

While they cooked, I also bard boiled some organic, free range eggs, which I like to keep in the fridge as an easy breakfast or snack option. I also cooked some brown rice in our rice cooker (another whopping 5mins of prep time) and then later on in the afternoon as Jared was cleaning up after lunch, I whipped up my natural protein balls. I’ve made these so many times that it takes me less than 10mins from start to finish, which comes in handy when you have wine to drink and socialising to get back to!


And that was my meal prep for the week! We had roast chicken to add to our lunches, we had brown rice to add to our lunches or dinners, I had eggs for a snack or to add to my breakfast and we had some protein balls for morning/afternoon snacks. To add to/alternate with these, we also had lots of fresh veg and fruit, cheese, rice cakes, GF bread, nut butters, etc. I don’t like prepping every meal, but I do love having some versatile things on hand to grab when I need them!

Did you do any meal prep this week? What did you make?

I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far, and I’ll see you all back here for a delicious Chicken Tray Bake soon!


Laura xx