Meal Prep, Intuitive Eating Notes and More

It’s been a while since since I’ve done a day-in-the-life-of style of post. Recently my days have been filled with either work or study and haven’t been very “blog worthy” so to speak, but I had the day off yesterday and thought what better opportunity to take some snaps and sneak a little life post in! I’m doing something a little different and adding in little notes to show a glimpse into intuitive/mindful eating and what my mindset is around my food/drinks. (Let me know if you find it helpful!)

Yesterday we had a much slower start to the day than usual. For the past couple of weeks, Jared and I have both worked weekends and had Monday off together instead, which has been really nice because for a while before that, we actually didn’t have any days off together at all. His roster changed each week and I was working 6, sometimes 7 days a week. It was crazy there for a while. But it has slowed down a bit more now for the both of us, which I’m grateful for!

Severus also usually wakes us up at 6am, but even he decided that Monday was a day for a little sleep in and he didn’t start meowing for food until 7am. I got him breakfast and then crawled back into bed for a little while, savouring the lack of alarm or need to be anywhere on time.

We eventually got out of bed just after 8am, and got ready for the day. We wanted to go somewhere new for breakfast together, and I remembered Berkelo. So many people had recommended it to me, and I’m so glad we went because it definitely lived up to the hype.

It’s located on William St in Brookvale, right near Warringah Mall. Close enough that we could park at the mall and easily walk down, but far enough that it was quiet and kind of hidden from the crazy hustle and bustle of the shopping crowd.

An A-frame sign simply saying “coffee + bread” told us we’d arrived at the right place. It was a little kiosk style cafe, with a few little tables, crates, stools, an outdoor heater. If you’re expecting something fancy, this isn’t the right place for you. If you want great quality bread, local ingredients and delicious coffee, then this IS the right place for you.

ordered and the bacon and egg roll, which was made on their Butter Bun. I tasted it, and it was incredible. The bread was almost pastry-like, soft, fluffy and oh-so-buttery. Like a croissant brioche hybrid. Absolutely amazing!

I had their avo, egg and toast option, which actually came out in a bowl and was not the usual “avo on toast”  I was expecting. The bowl had locally sourced avocado, soft boiled free range egg, their homemade pickled veggies, greens and two slices of their brown bread. It was all so tasty, I loved the crispy and tangy  fermented veg and their brown bread was amazing. Crunchy crust but incredibly soft on the inside. I also got a long black with milk on the side. The coffee was smooth, rich and really enjoyable! 

We loved the bread so much that before we left, we bought a loaf of their brown bread and also their zucchini flat bread!

*Eating note: I ate everything except the second slice of bread as I was comfortably full by this stage. I did however, pop it in my paper bag with the loaf of bread to take home and enjoy another time. Jared and I also both noticed that neither of us felt bloated or uncomfortable after our meals. Sometimes after having a bit of a “carby” meal like this, we’ll both feel a bit heavy or bloated. But neither of us did this time, and I’m putting it down to a combination of good quality ingredients in the bread and not being in a rush to go anywhere and being able to slow down and really enjoy our meals! 

Jared needed a haircut, so after breakfast we went back to Warringah Mall so he could go to the barbers. While I waited for him, I wrote down our week’s dinners and our grocery list. I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of this as it makes our lives so much easier when we know what we’re having each night, rather than playing the “what do you want to eat?” game every day. Which let’s face it, gets very frustrating very quickly.

It also saves us so much money, because I base the meals off stuff we already have at home already and only buy the extras that we need for the week. It uses up what we have which reduces our spending, saves us from doubling up on ingredients and saves us from buying random things all week to make our last minute dinner ideas.

Here is the list of dinners I came up with for the week:


We went to Bridgepoint in Mosman to do our shopping, they have an Aldi and a Harris Farm store, which makes it easier for us as we use both. Before the shopping though, we stopped into Le Breton Patisserie for another coffee – a long black with no milk on the side. 


*Eating note: Most days I try to just have one coffee, some days like yesterday I’ll have two. I will try to have the second prior to 12pm though, otherwise it affects my quality of sleep. I should also note that it was about 10:30am by this point and we hadn’t had any water all morning, and I felt a big headache starting to come on. So I had a big glass of water before and then after this long black. Headache subsided a little bit after that second glass of water. Hydration is KEY. My body definitely reminded me of that!

We did our groceries and then came home. This was our grocery haul:

Grass-fed mince x 2, free range chicken thighs, rocket + spinach mix, organic tinned diced tomatoes, tuna, organic coffee grounds, olives, Himalayan salt, eggplants, quinoa, raw cashews, GF pasta, basil, fresh turmeric and broccoli.

We got almost all of these from Aldi and Harris Farm (except the eggplants and turmeric, which I got at the farmers market on Sunday). We’ve found that Harris Farm has been the cheapest place to get grass-fed mince – 2 x 500g packs for $10. We’ve found it to be great quality too. We’re going to explore some bulk grass-fed meat and poultry options soon too, but at the moment life is a little crazy and our minds are just in the game right now. Same as with our pantry staples (eg. the quinoa and cashews), ideally I’d like to get all of those things from our local organic bulk foods place to save on plastic packaging, but again some weeks we get it right, and other weeks we just do what we can with what time and money we have.

(If you’re wondering why we have such little fresh produce, it’s because we order a fruit and veggie box from Ooooby each week and they come on Wednesdays! It’s all local, organic and seasonal and so that’s where we get 90% of our produce from for the week. And then we’ll buy a couple of extra things here and there like pictured above! We also get 2 dozen eggs from them as well, eggs are a breakfast staple at our place, and Ooooby always have great quality organic, free range eggs).

After putting everything away and getting some deep cleaning of the apartment done, we sat down to a super quick and lunch that I made. It was just quinoa and roasted veggies leftover my meal prep last week, tossed with spinach, rocket, olive oil and lemon juice, then added olives, a tin of tuna and served them with half of the flat bread from Berkelo each. That flatbread was incredible by the way. I was genuinely so sad when I finished it!


I also had some dark chocolate and raw cashews after lunch!


*Eating note: I gave myself 5-10mins after lunch to let myself just rest and digest, and to see whether or not I was still hungry. And I was, so I had the chocolate and nuts. I felt just right after that!

I then got stuck into some meal prep for the week. I didn’t want anything that was going to take too much effort, so I just cooked some quinoa in the rice cooker, and then roasted some pumpkin we had in the fridge, as well some eggplant. For the pumpkin, I used olive oil, salt and some hot curry powder. And for the eggplant, I salted them, rinsed and dried them, then drizzled them in olive oil and added salt, pepper and dried Italian herbs. 

 I put those together in some containers with a big handful of spinach and rocket. I plan to just add eggs, tuna or hummus to them each day depending on what I felt like. Lunch for 3 days was prepped in less than an hour! (And most of that was just roasting time!).

While I was meal prepping, I noticed our fruit bowl overflowing with apples. We’d been talking about making an apple pie/tart for a while now, so we decided to finally do it! I made a makeshift dough out of spelt flour, butter and a little water, and popped it in the fridge to chill for an hour before rolling it out. Jared is amazing with a knife thanks to his years as a butcher, so he took care of the apple slices. He sliced them so beautifully in just a couple of minutes!

I arranged them in a thin layer on the pastry, folded the edges over, brushed it all with melted butter, sprinkled it with lots of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. I baked it for about 20mins and it came out so much better than we expected! The pastry was crunchy and the apples caramelised and golden. I’ll have to make this again and write down the measurements because it only took 6 ingredients and it was so delicious!

We split this galette style pastry and I had mine with some herbal tea as I watched some uni lectures. 

*Eating note: I had two slices, which was just under half of this galette. I thought I was comfortably full, but I had forgotten I was going to a flow yoga class about an hour after this. While I think I probably would have felt fine and comfortable sitting at home, it definitely was too much before that yoga class. It was not comfortable during class, I can assure you. Lesson learned!

For dinner we had spinach and ricotta agnolotti pasta tossed with buttery leeks, spinach, rocket and roasted pumpkin that I set aside from my meal prep. And to cap off the night, a mug of sleepy time tea! No dessert last night.

*Eating note: Usually I’ll have some dark chocolate with my tea, but I was full and satisfied from dinner, I didn’t actually need anymore food. If I had chocolate, it would have been out of habit and not out of actual hunger or desire. So I skipped it and reminded myself I could just have it another time instead when I’d enjoy it more. That gentle reminder that I wasn’t restricting myself and could simply eat it tomorrow or whenever I wanted to, made it seem pretty unimportant and the desire was gone pretty quickly. On the other hand, if I had told myself “you can’t eat that chocolate” I probably would have wanted it more!

I hope you enjoyed the post and mindful/intuitive eating notes that went with it. If this is something you’d like to see more of, let me know!

Have a great week everyone!

Laura x