Meal Prep Monday #2

Heya lovelies!

It’s Monday and I’m back again to show you what I’ve meal prepped for the week! In my first meal prep post, I discussed how my version of meal prep is probably quite different to other people’s methods. And that’s ok, because it works well for us and living a healthy/balanced lifestyle should always be about what is easiest and most enjoyable for yourself, otherwise you won’t want to keep doing it. So do what works for you!

For our meal prep, I like to prep a few different things and mix and match them with our other meals throughout the week. Last week, I made a few different veggie sides, a stir fry, boiled eggs and rice. This week I kept it pretty simple and made a frittata, roasted potatoes and natural protein balls.

The fritatta I made had organic free range eggs, zucchini, kale, sweet corn (leftover from my meal prep last week), tasty cheese and Danish feta. I’ll be sharing the full recipe for the fritatta tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it! It’s loaded with good fats, protein and veggies, and it made 8 nice slices that we can enjoy with a slice of toast for breakfast, or with a salad or the roasted potatoes for lunch! Such a versatile recipe!


After the frittata was cooked, I popped the potatoes into the oven. I simply tossed them in olive oil, lemon thyme sea salt seasoning (not an affiliate link – I just really love it and need you to know about it!!) and pepper and baked them for 40 minutes, stirring around halfway through.



The last thing I whipped up was some all natural protein balls, made from peanut butter, honey, mixed seeds and LSA. No protein powder, there’s plenty of natural protein in the ingredients, as well as good fats and other nourishing vitamins and minerals in the wholefood ingredients. And the best part is you don’t need to pull out your food processor for it!!

I’ll be sharing the recipe this evening (YES – a double post today!) so make sure you check back in.


And that was it for my meal prep! We’ve now got an easy snack option for the week (to rotate with our other snacks, like fruit, raw nuts, cheese, crackers etc), a breakfast/lunch option and an already prepped side to add to our lunches or dinners this week.

I actually did this all on Saturday instead of Sunday because I knew I would be too tired and potentially hungover from Jared’s brother’s wedding on Saturday night. I played some tunes, and it honestly took me less than 2 hours to put everything together and clean up.  I’m so happy I got it done as well, because even though we weren’t hungover on Sunday, we were both still pretty tired after a late night and early start (Severus decided Sunday was the perfect day to get up early and be a rascal until we both woke up and paid him some attention), and so it was great to just laze about the rest of the day with the two boys instead of worrying about cooking/prepping.


I hope you’ve been enjoying these meal preps posts! It’s been really fun keeping on track with our meal prep, plus it keeps me motivated as I love sharing it with you all, and if I don’t get it done, then I’ve nothing to share ;).

Questions for you!

  • Do you meal prep?
  • If YES – What’s your meal prep routine like?
  • If NO – Is there anything stopping you, or would like to know more about before trying?

Have a fab start to the week everyone and I’ll see you back here before you know it!