Meal Prep Monday.. on a Monday! Well would you look at me go? I finally got it out on time this week! Surprising really, as I feel like I’ve been dashing from place to place and task to task, it’s a wonder I’ve actually finished anything I’ve started this week! 

BUT, here we are! Small victories, am I right? 

This week we have a few delicious things to look forward to food-wise! I had a yoga date with Nanci on Saturday, and we went to About Life in Surry Hills afterwards for lunch/business meeting for our joint project – The NutriZENists. While I was there, I ended up stocking up myself with loads of goodies. I can’t help myself when I’m there. Anybody else get like this when they’re surrounded by aisles of delicious wholefoods? 

I picked up things like a big bottle of Remedy Kombucha, organic turmeric, organic yoghurt, chocolate, kimchi, tempeh, tahini, organic walnuts + cashews, tea and the most exciting of them all… a big ol’ bag of beef bones. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting at all, but I’ve been wanting to make bone broth for so long but struggle to find any bones from non factory-farmed sources in normal grocery stores. 

I cooked up the bone broth for a good 24 hours on the weekend and it turned out amazing! I’ll be posting the recipe, as well the benefits this week for you all! 

The rest of my meal prep was done today! I have Mondays off because I work on Sundays now, and I like to use this time to do all my organising for the week. It puts me in a great mindset for the week as well, knowing I’m somewhat ready for what is coming my way!

Today I made two types of bliss balls so I would have some healthy snacks to reach for when I get peckish at work. Jared also loves them, he usually has them with his mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea as a pick me up! 

The first batch had: medjool dates, cashews, coconut chips, coconut oil and this maca, cacao and mesquite mix from Isowhey. I’m not usually one to buy superfood powders. The only ones I really use a good quality organic cacao powder, and only very recently some organic maca too. I like keeping it simple with my ingredients, but I was given some of these Isowhey mixes to take home from my clinic, so I figured why not give them a go? Since I love cacao and maca already, this mix seemed like a good one to start with. I’ve also got some bags of greens powder + matcha to try out from this range too which should be interesting!

The second batch of bliss balls had: walnuts, natural peanut butter, hemp seed oil, chia seeds and more of the cacao, maca and mesquite mix. 

I don’t have the measurements for any of these, I just eyeballed them. But there are loads of other different bliss ball recipes on here if you just type “bliss ball” or “protein ball” in the search bar!

The last thing I prepped was a simple tempeh and veggie stir fry. Have you tried tempeh before? It’s made of fermented soybeans, but is less processed than tofu. It also has a delicious and nutty flavour! I much prefer it to tofu! I always get one which is organic and non GMO as well, which is important because soy is one of the most genetically modified foods out there. It’s also good to eat it in moderation too, as excess consumption of soy can affect your hormones and cause imbalances. 

For my stir fry, I sautéed some diced tempeh in olive oil until golden. Then I added in sliced carrots, a zucchini, half a broccoli, bok choy, GF tamari and GF oyster sauce and sautéed it all until everything was cooked. It made enough for my lunch for the next 2-3 days (depending on how hungry I get!).

And that was it! Jared’s in charge of cooking dinner tonight and he’s grilling up some grass fed steaks and making homemade chips (his roasted potato chip skills outdo mine every time – I’ve actually given up trying to beat him). He’s planning to cook extra to cover him for his own lunches the next couple of days. The rest of our lunches this week can simply be more dinner leftovers throughout the week. I don’t like to prep all my meals, but just having some on hand makes life so much easier don’t you think? 

This week is going to a big blur of working and packing for move (YES, we’re moving again!), but I’ll definitely be checking back in before the week is through to share the bone broth recipe with you all!

Have a fabulous week everyone!