Meal Prep Monday #6

Hey lovelies!

How are you all this fine Monday? I’m feeling pretty sore from the half marathon yesterday, but it was all totally and completely worth it and can’t wait for my next one! I’ll be sharing a full recap later this week, but in the meantime I just wanted to share my meal prep for the week!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know by now how I go about my meal prep (and you should probably skim over the next couple of sentences). For anyone that’s a new reader – HI and welcome! My meal prep is probably a little different to those hardcore meal-preppers out there who plan out all of their meals in advance and have them all organised for the week (I’m always so in awe of these people and their dedication and commitment to it).

For me, I like to prep some meals and pick and choose from them all week, either as a meal on their own, to add to other meals or to alternate between other non-prepped meals. By doing it this way, I have some really handy things ready to grab when I’m heading off to work, while still giving me flexibility to chop and change so I don’t get bored of my food. This is what works best for me and I’ve been able to stick to happily for the past month or so. Meal prep is just one of those things that you need to refine to suit your preferences and situation I think. What’s your method? I’d love to hear about yours!

Before I get into it, this week’s Meal Prep Monday will be a little different because I’m sharing a few snapshots of my kitchen and fridge! I had a rostered day off today so I used my spare time in the morning to finally get around to cleaning out my fridge. It was looking pretty woeful and I’d been meaning to get around to cleaning it, but life always got in the way. It felt so freakin’ good to be able to do it! I cleared out anything wilting/dying/growing new life, took out the shelves and washed them and organised everything. Is it weird how much satisfaction I got from doing this? I just find it so therapeutic. Anyone else with me here? 

Here is my lovely clean fridge!



The door has organic free range eggs, milk (Coco-Quench is our current favourite non dairy milk), kombucha, pot set Greek yoghurt, LSA and hemp seeds (both of which should be kept in the fridge to keep the fats in them from becoming rancid) and the bottom is vitamins/supplements.

Top pull out drawer is dairy products (cheeses and organic butter), spreads and sauces. First shelf is fruit (berries and pineapple).

Second shelf is veggies that don’t fit in the crisper (zucchini and tomatoes). 

Third shelf is meat, Severus’ food and any other packed food (in this case it’s leftover Indian from last night’s take out!).

Crisper is packed with various leafy green veggies!



In case you’re wondering where all our meal prep fit, I used up all the kimchi and the pork mince that’s on the third shelf and stacked our containers in that space there!

While I’m showing you my fridge, I thought I’d share where we keep our other food. We don’t have a pantry in our apartment, instead we have floating shelves. I’ve filled them with various rice, flours, pastas, tinned goods, sauces, spices, oils etc. On the counter, we’ve made a “breakfast bar” which has our kettle, toaster, coffee machine (that we never use), oats, bread, rice cakes, spreads, porridge toppers/bliss ball ingredients and also some treats.


I thought it would be hard at first to not have a pantry, but I’ve really come to love it now! Everything is within reach when I’m cooking and it’s easy for me to see what I’m running low on without needing to rustle around in the cupboard!


And that’s my fridge and kitchen! Our apartment is still a work in progress, it was such an old/crappy/dirty apartment when we first moved in, but we’ve slowly been chipping away at it to make it look and feel more like home! I hope to have some more photos to share of it soon. 

NOW. Onto the meal prep! After lunch today, Jared and I ducked into the shops to stock up on some groceries. We usually get our all our fresh produce from Ooooby, but we were in need of certain veggies and didn’t want to wait until Wednesday (our normal delivery day). Plus we had to get a few other things anyway!


We ended up getting: 2 x tubs SSS Foods Hummus, Cleaver’s organic, free range Honey Chipolatas, mushrooms, cucumbers, brussel sprouts (I pack things in the paper mushroom bags instead of buying the pre-packaged stuff or using the plastic bags), celery and spring onion.

For one of our lunch options, I made us bangers and mash with veggies. I used some organic potatoes we had on hand, and while they were boiling away, I popped the chipolatas on to cook in some olive oil. Jared took over cooking the sausages so I could get the veggies prepped. I cut up a giant organic zucchini, the brussel sprouts, mushrooms and onion to stir fry.

Once the sausages were done, I popped the it all in the same pan (minus half the zucchini and onions) so it saved us on washing up AND so they could soak up all the delicious pan juices. All they needed was a bit of pepper and a splash of GF soy sauce and they were done.




For other lunch option, I cheated and just cooked an extra large dinner for tonight so that some of it would be leftover and we could save that for lunch. It’s the easiest way to “meal prep” because yo were going to cook that meal anyway, so why not just make more of it, right?

I sauteed some free range pork mince in coconut oil, then added in the remaining zucchin and onion, as well as more mushrooms, brussel sprouts, silverbeet and broccoli. I added in a good splash of GF soy sauce and the last of our kim chi. YUM! The stir fry will be served with some brown rice which is currently cooking as we speak!


To top off the meal prep, I cut up loads of celery and cucumber sticks for both of to take to work, as well as a container of hummus each. That way we both have a healthy and quick snack if we get hungry at work. I’ll probably top up the veggie sticks later this week (we both love veggie sticks and dip and we’ll mostly get through that lot in a couple of days!).


For breakfast, I’ll probably alternate between fruit, honey and yoghurt (I’ve really been enjoying that lately) and toast with PB, honey and chia seeds. Or maybe even eggs and toast. Who knows? I generally don’t until I wake up!

And that’s my meal prep for the week! Have you got any meals prepped for the week? Let me know all about it in the comments section!

Hope you’ve all had a great start to the week, and I’ll see you back here soon!


Laura xx