Meal Prep Monday

Today was my day off and I spent it slowly getting up. I was in no rush to be anywhere, and that in itself was blissful. Jared makes us coffees every morning before he leaves for work, and I drank mine in bed with Sev. He was a little extra needy today, he even had his front legs wrapped tightly around my arm at one stage. Such a sweet heart sometimes!


Breakfast was two poached eggs on a piece of thickly sliced sourdough and a cup of herbal tea. I had the tea on our balcony while I was doing my invoices. Even though it was cold outside, the sun felt nice on my face and my tea and ugg boots kept me warm! 


After invoicing came the cleaning. I love giving our kitchen a deep clean on Mondays. We use it so much throughout the week, that it feels like it’s never completely clean or tidy for very long. So on my days off I like to get stuck into it and I honestly feel like it clears my mind just as much as a good workout. Anyone else feel like that?

Another thing I used to love doing on my day off was meal prepping. Admittedly, I haven’t done too much of it lately. I’ve been spending too much money lately on meals from cafes lately, and though delicious and fun at the time, it’s definitely not great on the back pocket! We’ve also been a bit naughty and throwing out produce because it’s gone off from us forgetting about it. I absolutely hate doing that so this week we’re making a more conscious effort to empty out the fridge as much as possible before refilling it again.

I cooked up a large batch of quinoa in the rice cooker (I find this technique the easiest!) and some roasted veggies. This tray had carrots, sweet potato, white potato and onion tossed in olive oil, cumin, paprika and minced garlic. I cooked this tray for about 35-40mins at 200 degrees celsius, stirring once about halfway.


I then made some mini chickpea patties which were so simple and delicious! I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week for you, so keep an eye out for it!


I packed some of the quinoa and roast veggies into a couple of containers for work and divided the chickpea patties between them.


I was hoping to get 4 days worth of food done today, but the crab cakes I made afterwards to top the other 2 containers of quinoa and veggies were a big fail! (Which you may have already seen on my Instagram!). It’s ok though, I have Wednesday off so I can cook up some more food then to get me through the rest of the week! 

OH. And if you’re wondering what I’ve got for snacks, we have plenty of fruit, nuts and nut butter here that we need to eat, so that’s what our snacks will be! Nothing fancy, but it’s simple, quick and healthy!

Did you do any meal prep this week? What did you cook? I’d love to hear all about it!

Laura x