Meal Prep Monday

Hey lovelies, how are we all this Monday? I’m here a little earlier than usual with a Meal Prep post. My roster has changed for this month, so I now have Sunday off instead of Monday which is a nice switch actually. It means Jared and I get the day off together, and it means I can do my meal prepping on the Sunday as well.

I took a bit of a different approach to my prep yesterday, and decided to make a few different meals using the same ingredients. It meant that I didn’t have to spend too much time or effort prepping a whole mess of different ingredients and because we’ve been working hard on not wasting any produce, it also gave me a chance to use the things that I knew didn’t have much shelf life left.

My base ingredients were: an onion, half a bunch of kale, half a bunch of rainbow chard, 2 zucchinis, half a broccoli, 2 bunches broccolini and some quinoa and basmati rice. I popped a cup each of the rice and quinoa into a rice cooker and then chopped up all of the veggies and split them into 3 batches.


The first colander of veggies was combined with some diced organic tofu, minced garlic, tamari, chilli flakes, crushed peanuts and pepper to make a delicious, vegetarian stir fry!


The second colander was combined with half of the cooked quinoa and rice, tamari and pepper to make a vegetarian fried rice. 


The last was a container that I just put away in the fridge. I thought it would be handy to have some pre-chopped veggies that I can easily add to our dinner tonight to save me time on cooking when I get home from work today.

The last thing I made was the only thing that didn’t use any of my base ingredients, and that was baked salmon fillets. We get the frozen ones from Aldi, which are marked as sustainably sourced. Great price, but the only thing I don’t like is that they’re wrapped individually in plastic which I feel is a great waste. We usually get the frozen Hoki fillets from Aldi which are half the price, also sustainably sourced and not individually wrapped, but wanted something a bit more oomph nutritionally so we got the salmon. We’ll probably rotate back to the Hoki next month though!


The prep for these was so simple – I just rubbed them in olive oil, Himalayan salt, pepper and freshly minced garlic and baked them at 190 degrees for somewhere between 12 and 15 minutes.

I then mixed and matched everything together to pack away. I had containers of the leftover cooked rice and quinoa topped with tofu stir fry, and then some with the fried rice topped with the baked salmon with some lemon wedges.


After less than an hour, I had a few days worth of lunches packed for both me and Jared, plus veggies for dinner tonight! So simple and so worthwhile knowing it will make our lives so much easier to have these on hand ready to grab each day!

As a side note, I don’t meal prep for all five days because I have a day off during the week so I cook myself lunch at home. Some nights we also have leftovers from dinner, and these get packed away for lunches as well. By mixing it up like that rather prepping every meal makes it more interesting for us, and it works in well with our lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s instalment of our meal prep! I’ll be back later this week to share my top tips for taking care of yourself this winter, inside and out!

Happy Monday folks!

Laura x