Meal Prep Monday + Grocery Shopping

Heya lovelies, how was your Monday? I hope this week has started off well for you!

I’m excited to pop in today to share with you all our groceries + the meal prep I did for this week. We do our grocery shopping on Thursday nights because the shops are open late, and we like to meet up after work, have dinner together (i.e Sushi Thursdays!) then do our shop afterwards.

This past Thursday I only picked up a few things, as we were still pretty well stocked from the previous week’s big shop. I got all of the following things from Aldi, which is where we get most of our staples from. They’re convenient, cheap and have a lot of organic/gluten free pantry staples for great prices.

I bought: brown rice penne, goji berries, lemons, kale, broccolini, red capsicums, frozen sustainably sourced salmon fillets, tinned salmon + blueberries.





You might have seen on my weekend highlights post yesterday that Nanci and I had lunch at About Life in Surry Hills after our yoga class. While I was there I picked up some more things! I couldn’t help myself, I just love health food shops and this one had so many enticing goodies.

I bought: free range/hormone + antibiotic free liver, tamari brown rice crackers, brandy pate, organic tempeh, superfood fermented veg, organic hibiscus, nettle + licorice root tea + a big bottle of Remedy ginger kombucha.




Yesterday Jared and I explored our new local farmers market that’s just popped up – the Canterbury Foodies and Farmers Markets at Canterbury race course. There was just so much fresh, local + organic produce about, it reminded just how much I love good, wholesome food! I visited a few stands and loaded up our bag with some produce. We usually get our produce from Ooooby which is delivered to us every Wednesday, but I felt it couldn’t hurt to have even more fruit + veg in our meals!

I bought: watermelon, pineapple, ginger, garlic, passionfruit, carrots, papaya, mixed greens and the most exciting of the lot.. smoked garlic! 


It smells incredible!! One whole corner of our kitchen now smells like a smokehouse from that one small head of garlic. It’s actually a dream of ours to one day own a small block of land we can grow our own produce on, raise chooks + to also have our own smokehouse where Jared can put his butchery skills to use and make our own sausages and smoked meats. So every time I walk into the kitchen and smell that, it makes me smile because I think of our little dream. 


I also got some beetroot cured salmon for Jared from the sustainable seafood stand + a loaf of rye bread from one of the German bakery stands because it looked so delicious!

Using some of the things I had bought over the past few days, I did a bit of meal prep for the week yesterday afternoon after the markets.

For one of our lunch options, I made a big tempeh + veg stir fry, using: 2 bunches broccolini, 2 red capsicums, 1 onion, 2 minced cloves of garlic, 1 packet of tempeh, a dash each of GF soy sauce and oyster sauce, a teaspoon of turmeric + some black pepper.



I also made a big garden salad from: a bag of mixed greens, 2 cucumbers + 2 red capsicums.


I left out anything too wet like tomatoes that might spoil it quickly. I figured it would be really convenient to have a big salad we can pick from all week. We can use it to add as a side to our dinners with a simple olive oil/lemon juice dressing, or bulk it up with some fermented veg, bits of labneh, seeds/nuts and a protein of choice (smoked salmon, boiled eggs, tinned sardines/salmon etc) and have it for lunch!

While we at the markets on Sunday, Jared and I were both craving a refreshing juice because it was so warm out. So I decided to dust off our trusty juicer that had been sitting on our shelf unused since last summer, and decided to make us up some fresh, cold pressed juices using some of the produce we bought on Sunday and some we had in our fruit bowl that desperately needed to be used. I made two different juices: beetroot, carrot, apple, grapefruit, orange + ginger went into one, and carrot, apple + ginger went into the other.



They were so delicious! We were supposed to keep them to slowly drink over a couple of days, but we accidentally-on-purpose drank all the beetroot one yesterday. It was so refreshing + it was a lovely substitute for wine! (I even drank it from my wine glass for a bit of fun!).

I also used some the leftover carrot, apple + ginger pulp to bake a bread/slice/I’m not really sure what to call it. It was an experiment, and I used almond meal, oats, an egg, some honey and baking powder and it turned out ok. It needs some tweaking though! I can imagine it will be nice toasted + spread with a little nut butter when I’m feeling a bit peckish!

To top off my meal prep, I made a fruit salad with papaya, strawberries + blueberries, and then cut up the watermelon too. I find having cut up fruit on hand makes it so much easier for us to incorporate it into our day because there’s no prep needed. Just grab + eat!


And that’s a wrap for this week’s Meal Prep Monday post! It was a big one this week because I got a bit carried away with my shopping this week. But now our fridge is absolutely brimming with nourishing things for us to eat, which gets me so motivated! Health is an investment and I love knowing that my money is going towards eating + living better!


Did you do any meal prep this week? What are you most looking forward to eating this week? I would love to know in the comments below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s instalment of Meal Prep Monday!

Laura xx