Meal Prep Monday + Grocery Shopping

How are you all this Monday? I hope you’ve had a great start to the week! 

Yesterday we did some shopping then I got stuck into my usual meal prep session for the week. But I can tell you right now, I was not feeling it. I know I usually talk about how I sometimes struggle to get into the mood, but then I’m ok once I actually started. But yesterday, I struggled throughout the entire process. I was tired, I just wanted to sit down for the afternoon with my new book I just bought and avoid all adult responsibilities. About an hour into it, I poured myself a glass of Pinot Noir, and blasted some music. This helped a little, but I still didn’t want to be in there. But I sucked it up and was done and kitchen cleaned up (my least favourite part of it all) in about 2 hours and I felt the biggest sense of relief at the end.

To reward myself, I even ran myself a bath and spent the next half an hour reading my book and finishing off my glass of wine. It was bliss and I love rewarding myself with things like that. I know that getting to eat wholesome + nourishing meals this week is the “real reward” of meal prep, but sometimes you just gotta have wine, a bath and some fig and orange scented candles, am I right?

In saying that, I woke up today and thanked past Laura for being such a legend with meal prep, because it took me 2 minutes to grab my meals for work today and that made my Monday morning a million times easier.

So if you ever feel like throwing in the towel and feeling guilty for absolutely not wanting to do any meal prep, just know even us nutritionists struggle from time to time too! You’re definitely not alone!

Now, let’s get stuck into it! Before I show you what I meal prepped, I just wanted to share our groceries for the week. We didn’t get much “extra” produce (we order a weekly organic/local fruit and veg box from Oooooby – please feel free to use the code ONEDISHAWAY when checking out to score yourself a $15 discount off your first box) as we still had plenty leftover from our big market buy last week.

We bought: organic cacao nibs, pot set Greek yoghurt (pot set is my favourite at the moment – I love how thick and creamy it is!), haloumi, peppers, olives, sundried tomatoes, 70% organic dark chocolate, tuna, wild caught sardines, tinned chickpeas and tinned cannelini beans. 

All of this was bought from Aldi except the chocolate which I got at Woolworths.



Before I could even start cooking yesterday, I had to clean out the fridge. It was so disorganised, and there were things just shoved everywhere. It was making me anxious just looking at it, so I spent a good 15mins clearing it out, wiping it over and making room for the prepped food to go in.

For meal prep, I made a few different things. If you’re new here, I just want to let you know that I don’t like to prep every meal for the week. I like to just make a big batch of one or two substantial meals that we can enjoy for lunch or dinner, prep some easy to grab snacks and also one or two protein sources that I can top my salads or meals with. It’s the way I prefer to do it, because it doesn’t limit me to the same meals each day, but it still means that I have quick and nourishing options to reach for when I need it. Meal prep is different for everyone, and this is the way that works best for me!


For our snacks, I made a really big batch of hummus. I was buying too many pre-made tubs, and when you’re a hummus fiend like I am, it becomes pretty expensive. So I decided to just stop being lazy and make my own. It was really simple to throw together and so tasty! I’ll be sharing the recipe this week for you all. I also cut up some veggies to have with it! The old hummus containers came in handy as well, I love reusing old containers – saves money and reduces my impact on the environment!

I also cut up some watermelon to keep in the fridge. I really enjoyed snacking on cold watermelon after work last week, so I prepped it again for this week.


For my lunch I made a delicious mixed mushroom, tofu and kimchi stir fry. I’ve had this big craving for mushrooms, so this will be going down a treat this week! It had enoki and oyster mushrooms, organic tofu, loads of spicy kimchi and was so tasty (I must have had 2-3 big mouthfuls while “taste testing” the stir fry). I also cooked some brown rice to have with it. Yum!!

For our protein this week, I rubbed some free range chicken thighs in Himalayan salt, chilli flakes, turmeric, cumin and pepper and cooked them in some coconut oil! They can easily be sliced now and used as a salad topper, diced and put into omelettes or put on top of some rice and veggies for dinner!



Because Jared isn’t as big of a mushroom fan as I am (this is actually a good thing – it means I never have to share my mushroom loaded dishes) so I also made a really big batch of my Pineapple Fried Rice. I used the pineapple I bought at the markets last week, and it was just so sweet and juicy. We ended up having the fried rice for dinner last night topped with crispy fried eggs, and then I packed the rest for our lunches. I also packed some leftover pineapple to keep in the fridge too, Jared loves pineapple so I knew it he’d enjoy it as a snack after work.

And that was it for our meal prep, I hope you enjoyed the recap! I’ll be sharing the recipes for the hummus and mushroom stir fry later this week, so please keep an eye out for them!

Before I jet off, I just wanted to share with you all some photos of people trying out my recipes. It always makes my heart burst with pride when I see your recreations of my recipes! If you’ve tried anything from my blog, please upload a snap and tag me so I can share the snaps here!

@peta_kelly made my Apple Banana Muffins and they looked so good!


My girlfriend Shibby (@shake_it_shibby) is a serial maker of my bliss balls! Here are snaps of her making my No Blend Bliss Balls (both flavours) and my Fig and Goji Bliss Balls!


Laura xx