Meal Prep Monday (on a Tuesday) + Grocery Shopping

It always bums me out when I take more than a few days off from blogging. In this case it’s been much longer than a few days, but I have been feeling so unwell and run down that a break felt much needed (even if I did feel a little guilty for dropping the ball a little). I’ve been battling a particularly awful bout of tonsillitis this past week and am now finally on the road to recovery, thanks to lots of healing teas, immune supporting supplements and antibiotics.

Rewind back to this weekend though and I can safely say meal prep was the LAST thing I wanted to do. All I wanted to do on Saturday was alternate my time between sleeping, cuddling Severus and eating lasagna (repeat all day/weekend/week/month until fully recovered – that’s the magic solution for everything isn’t it?). But with Jared’s parents visiting on Sunday, I knew I wouldn’t have another chance to do it. Despite how tired I was, I wanted to know that we had at least a couple of delicious + nourishing meals prepped and ready to take for lunch this week. Especially after spending last week eating whatever my sick self desired (look… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t indulge in packet mi goreng noodles and frozen lasagna on more than one occasion – real talk!). So I used every bit of willpower I had and hauled myself out of bed and into the kitchen.

Earlier that morning I had actually spent some time scrolling through Heidi from Apples Under My Bed’s instagram page (one of my favourite accounts at the moment) for some foodie inspiration as I drank my coffee in bed. While scrolling, I had come across an incredible looking pasta dish with chunks of tuna, spinach + large pasta shells that looked absolutely delicious. I used that as inspiration for one of the dishes I made – Tuna, Broccoli & Spinach Pasta Bake!

I’ll be sharing this recipe soon, because it was so simple to make and it tasted wonderful. It also made a lot, so it was perfect for meal prep!


The second thing I made was Honey Soy Chicken. My best friend Christie had her birthday BBQ last weekend, and I had stayed the night before to help her set up. One of things I made for the party was chicken wings marinated overnight in a simple honey soy sauce, then baked in the oven the next day. They were a hit and I loved how simple they were to prep, so I made up a big batch on Saturday using a mix of chicken wings and drumsticks we had stocked up in the freezer. All I had to do then was bake them on Sunday morning and that was it! I plan to enjoy these with some leftover cooked rice/quinoa or some veggies during the week.


That was all I did for meal prep, because I knew that we had plenty of food in our kitchen and pantry to delve into for the remainder of our meals. I had made sure to get some grocery shopping done too. Prior to the shop, our pantry and fridge were looking pretty barren. One of my favourite sayings is “if you want to eat well, keep good food in the house” and I’d had enough of all the junk food I’d been resorting to, so it felt really great to stock up on some nourishing staples again.

I got the majority of this stuff from Aldi and the rest from Woolworths. You’ll notice there’s not much meat or produce, and that’s because we get our organic + local produce from Ooooby each week, and Jared’s a butcher so he keeps us stocked up with good quality meat.


Greek yoghurt, tahini, raw almonds + cashews, bacon (unfortunately not free range, but this will last us quite some time), wild caught sardines (great source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids + calcium from the tiny edible bones, tuna (the small tins are a great easy snack option for Jared – he loves putting them on rice cakes with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes!), organic non-GMO tofu and some tasty cheese.


Pantry Staples:

Full fat coconut milk, organic diced tomatoes, passata (we use it to make our own pasta sauces), baby corn + bamboo shoots (neither are usually our staples but I’m really craving a good Thai red curry this week), mustard and a bunch of spices that needed topping up.


More Pantry Staples:

Almond meal, rye bread, GF bread (we like to alternate between sourdough, GF bread and rye bread), brown rice cakes, plain instant noodle cakes (these ones are not too bad ingredients wise – I want to use them for either a stir fry or spicy noodle salad later this week) and GF spaghetti (I actually prefer the brown rice penne from this brand, but I thought I’d switch it up this time).



Strawberries that were on special and lemons for my morning lemon/ACV/honey drink and soothing teas during the day for my poor throat.



Mojo Crafted Kombucha (our current favourite booch brand and flavour), vege chips and not pictured are some cheeses and crackers we bought to share with Jared’s parents on Sunday.


We also had plenty of food leftover from our lunch yesterday with Jared’s family. Because we won’t be able to see them over Christmas this year in W.A, we decided to have an early Christmas style lunch while they were here visiting. I made a roasted leg of ham, which I covered in cloves and basted in a spiced orange glaze, roasted chicken with potatoes + onions, crunchy coleslaw with a tangy dressing made from yoghurt, olive oil, English mustard + honey and a garden salad from mixed organic greens, tomatoes, shaved parmesan and a simple olive oil + lemon juice dressing. It was a great chance for me to try out some festive recipes to share with you as Christmas gets closer too! The leftover ham and chicken will be making their way into our lunches + dinners this week for sure!

Speaking of dinners, I finally put up our Weekly Planner and wrote up some dinner ideas for the week! These will really just be a rough guide, as I know I am prone to random cravings during the week and have been known to follow my cravings more than my well set out plans. But at least I know there so when I’m feeling tired/uninspired, I’ve got something to work with!


I hope you enjoyed this incredibly long post filled with all of our meal prep, grocery shopping + food bits. I’m going to try and be a good blogger and post more often! Just as soon as this pesky tonsillitis stops bringing me down!


Laura xx