Meal Prep Monday!

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Meal prep. It’s something I used to hate because I don’t like the idea of eating the same meals everyday. I am also one of those people who decides what they feel like eating the morning of, which sometimes doesn’t work when you’ve already cooked and prepped all your meals for the week. But recently I’ve decided to get back into it because with full time work, part time study and blogging taking up so much of my time, I find I’m cooking less and buying things more. I also find that some of my produce is going off and having to be thrown out because I simply don’t have time to cook it or I’ve missed it, and there’s nothing I hate more than wasting food! Especially beautiful produce from our weekly Ooooby box.

So meal prepping was re-introduced, but with a bit of a different approach. Instead of cooking up meals for every day, I prepped a whole bunch of different things to mix and match and add to my meals this week. I made roasted veggies, steamed corn cobs, hard boiled eggs, stir fried chicken mince and brown basmati rice. Now I have a whole bunch of ready made food to pick from when I’m feeling lazy or short for time!


For the roasted veggies, I tossed some potatoes and broccoli in olive oil, pepper and lemon thyme sea salt seasoning and baked it for 40mins at 200 degrees celsius (taking it out at halfway and stirring). Now I have a ready made side dish to add to my meals. All we need to do is grill some fish or steak and re-heat the veggies and dinner is done in less than 10mins!


I also popped some whole beetroots wrapped in foil into the oven with the potatoes and broccoli. I LOVE beetroot, but we’ve had to throw some out in the past because I didn’t have the time or patience to cook and prep them after work. I was determined not to let this happen again, so into the oven they went with everything else. They took a bit longer to cook, about an hour all up. After they cooled enough to touch, I peeled them and diced them up, ready to add to any of my meals this week!

Be careful – they stain everything!



While I had the veggies roasting, I also boiled some eggs. I love having hard boiled eggs on hand! They’re packed full of good fats and protein and make a really great snack on their own or as a great protein topper for toast, salads etc.


To make the most of the stove top that was already on, I actually steamed some corn cobs in a steamer basket over the eggs!



Once they were all done, I got started on the next round of cooking. I popped some brown basmati rice in the rice cooker, and got started on the stir fry. I cooked some free range chicken mince in olive oil, then added in sliced red cabbage, diced onion, shredded kale, garlic, ginger, GF soy sauce and oyster sauce. I plan to team it up with the brown rice for a quick lunch on some days this week!






This whole meal prep thing only took me about an hour and a half all up, and I spent a lot of that time singing along to The Chainsmokers and sipping on a glass of Merlot. It made the whole thing seem less like a chore and made the time pass by even quicker!


I’m so happy that I took a bit of time this weekend to prep some meals. I already got to reap the benefits today by using one of the eggs on my avo toast this morning, and packing some of the rice and chicken for my lunch!

I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing, and make this segment a regular thing too. Would that be something you would all be interested in?

Before I head off, I just wanted to know more about you!

  • Do you meal prep? Why/why not?
  • Would you like more meal prep tips and recipes?
  • Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to cook throughout the week?

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!