Meet Severus the Kitty

It is amazing how much love and happiness one little kitten has brought to both Jared and I in such a short amount of time. I was never a “cat person” until I met Jared. His family had a cat when we first met, but they had to give it away when they moved and I know he was really heartbroken.

We always said we’d get one when we moved out together, but the timing or situation was never right. And despite being the bigger cat lover, he was always insistent we wait until we were more settled and “ready”, and so I gave up trying to convince him otherwise. Until we came across little Severus.

I named him after Severus Snape (one of my all time favourite Harry Potter characters), his birthday is January 1st (so he’s only a 9.5 weeks at the moment!) and he’s officially stolen my heart!

The story of how we got him starts with my best friend. She lives alone and she wanted a kitten to keep her company, and she found one locally that was advertised on Gumtree for a cheap price. Upon arriving at the house, she saw that the owner lived in a home that was a complete shambles, the place was really unhygienic, and there were unkempt dogs that roamed through the house. Her kitten was one of last two of the litter that no one wanted to buy. The two kittens were pretty much identical and looked nothing like the other kittens or the mother. She couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the other kitten behind with that owner, or not knowing if it would go to a good home. So she bought them both and decided to give one to her mother.

Unfortunately her mother’s dog didn’t take to the new kitten well, and so it was offered to me instead, as she knew I had been wanting a cat for so long. I asked Jared, and we decided we would be able to give it a good life. A much better home than it has had so far. A forever home. And so we picked the little guy up yesterday! 


He was a sweetheart from the moment we got him. We had an hour and a half drive home ahead of us and we were worried he was going to not enjoy the car ride. He did get quite scared when we walked outside and he could hear/see all the busy traffic. But once in the car, with the window wound up to block off most of the noise and nestled safely in my arms, he calmed right down.




He just kept looking up at me with his beautiful big eyes, and purring whenever I rubbed his neck. Every now and then when the car turned too hard or a noise scared him, he’d try to climb up my chest and hide in my neck, meowing softly. It was the sweetest thing.

He also enjoyed just laying in my arms and looking up at Jared while he drove. He eventually fell asleep after doing it so much. It was the sweetest thing, my heart melted.




Just before home, we stopped at the shops to pick up a few things. My best friends mother had given us a bed, scratching post, blanket, litter box (he was already toilet trained) and worming treatment that they had bought for him already. So all we had to do was get flea treatment, kitty litter and food for him.

I got him a mix of kitten wet food and dry organic food, as well as some natural mackerel and tuna loin as treats. I figured I would give both dry and wet food a go to see which he took to best. (So far, it’s the wet food, as well as the treats!).

I also bought him some little toys, a super awesome cat tunnel for $5.50 (K-Mart), kitty litter (I bought the Woolworth’s select brand of recycled paper litter) and some flea tablets (he’d already his three month treatment, but was told might still have fleas as when my girlfriend brought them home, the poor things were both riddled with them).

It was so funny, he had been calm with me the whole way, but as soon as I left him with Jared while I quickly grabbed the stuff, he started acting up. He was restless and crawling all around the car trying to get out. Then as soon as I got back, he was so still and calm. Already a mother’s boy, hehe.



He was such a curious little kitty when we finally got home. He explored the place and played with his new tunnel and toys. It was so cute seeing him check out everything. We also got him accustomed to his litterbox (which we keep in the bathroom – we don’t have our own laundry and we live on the second floor) and his “dining area” next to our fridge.

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We fed him not long after we got home, and I mixed a tablet of flea treatment into his wet food (he didn’t even notice). About half an hour later though, he started going crazy. Scratching and biting himself, dashing about back and forth across the apartment like a mad man cat. We realised it was from the treatment and it must have been the fleas giving him grief. He was trying to scratch off all the dying fleas and we really didn’t want them falling on our carpet so we decided to bathe him.

He was not a happy camper. I climbed into the bath with him and gently poured some warm water over him and rubbed gently. We didn’t have any pet shampoo, but even with just warm water, you could see all the fleas on him – both falling off and still stuck on him. He was covered. I felt so sorry for him, he must have been so itchy the poor thing. We managed to wash/pick off over 20 fleas as quickly as possible. It was hard with all the whimpering, meowing and scrambling to get out of the tub. I felt so bad having him in there, but after seeing all the fleas, we knew it was worth it!

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We dried him off really quickly and I got him on a makeshift bed (we threw out the bed and blanket he came with after seeing all those fleas on him – we’ll get him a new one soon) made of a folded throw blanket and we rubbed/patted him until he calmed down, and then he eventually just purred his way to sleep. 

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He eventually woke up after his nap, and the mat was covered in dead fleas and he was no longer scratching, so we took that as a good sign that this was the last of the ordeal. He’s going to be a strictly indoor cat, so hopefully this is the last of the flea treatment for quite some time. There was still the trouble of the worming treatment though. He did not like that one bit. He kept meowing and crying out, not wanting a bar of it at all. Jared had to hold him, while I waited for him to open to open his mouth so I could squirt the syringe of worming paste into his mouth. We eventually got there in the end and kept holding him and reassuring him he did well so he didn’t feel too traumatised by it all.

We brought him up onto the couch for the rest of the afternoon, and he was so affectionate. He just kept taking turns curling up on myself and Jared, nudging us for neck rubs and falling asleep on us. The little guy must have been so tired from such a big day!

When it was time for us to go to bed, I really struggled to leave him alone. He’s not allowed in our bedroom yet, not until we know for sure he’s gotten rid of all of the fleas. So we did our best to get him ready by taking him around to his food bowl, litter box and makeshift bed to remind him where everything was. I also left the kitchen light on, because I’m the biggest softy and I didn’t want him to be in the complete dark by himself on his first night (totally unnecessary I know, but I couldn’t stand it otherwise!).

I woke up to find him curled up in a little ball on my spot on the couch. I practically died, it was too sweet. He woke up as I sat next to him, and he started pressing his face on me and purring as I rubbed him. After our morning cuddles, he was wide awake and wanting to chase us around and play (he like to pounce on our toes to let us know!). Unfortunately we couldn’t play for very long. We put some food in bowl, topped up his water and said bye to his cute little face.

Jared started work really early today so he could finish early and be home to check up on him. He’ll probably do this all week or until we know he’s settled in well. I’m so excited to go home and see my two favourite boys! I miss them so much and I’ve only gone to work for the day, it’s so ridiculous! 

But seriously, look at them from yesterday. As if I wouldn’t miss them!

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I know this post wasn’t food related, but this little guy will be a big part of our lives, and I just really wanted to introduce him to you as you are all a big part of my life too! I’ll keep you updated on his progress and throw some cute kitty photos into my posts every now and then too!

Before I go, I’d love to know:

  • Are you a cat or a dog person?
  • How many of you have a cat or a dog?
  • If you do have one, what’s your favourite story of your pet?