Our Mini Christmas Feast!

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m so excited! Tonight we’re doing a big roadtrip down to Melbourne to spend Christmas with my sister, her little family and my parents and brother (who left a couple of days ago). We’re leaving at about 9pm tonight, and doing an overnight drive to get us there for Christmas morning. The drive itself is only about 10 hours from Sydney, but we’ll be taking it easy and doing a few stops along the way so Jared can stretch and have a break. We’re aiming to get to my sister’s place by about 8 or 9 in the morning. 

Luckily Jared has today off, so he can at least nap throughout the afternoon so he won’t be so tired during the drive. I’ll also be staying up on the drive to keep him company to help keep him awake on the trip. I’ve also have some snacks packed for us to nibble on to hold us over until our breakfast stop. 

I packed: gluten free chips, tamari brown rice crackers and some honey almonds that I pinched from Jared’s Christmas hamper that he got from his work.


This was his hamper – amazing right?? I probably had more fun than he did going through all the foodie gifts!


For the trip, I’ll also be filling up some bottles with water to keep us well hydrated, and making us each a coffee and a thermos of tea for the trip too. Fingers crossed it’s a nice cruisey trip and there’s no problems (knock on wood!).

Before I head off to get ready for the last working day for this year, I just wanted to share some photos from our pre Christmas feast last night! Every year, Jared and I have our own Christmas celebration together before the actual day (which is reserved for our families). 

This year was a smaller one than usual, as we are on a tight budget after our holiday and with both of us having to take time off work as both of our workplaces are shut over the holiday period. But we still made the best of it and had a really great time!

Every year, we set a budget for our presents to each other. This year it was $100 each. I love setting budgets for each other, because it’s always so much fun to see how many different things you can get and still keep below the budget. 

For Jared, because he’s such a big fan of Nirvana, I bought him Nirvana’s Greatest Hits (I thought it would great for our road trip), Nirvana Live at Reading concert DVD and a Kurt Cobain coffee table book. I also bought him a golf drinking game for our BBQ’s and a bottle of Botrytis Semillon. He loves fortified wine like port, and I get him a bottle every year. This year I decided to go with a different dessert wine to mix things up and he loved it, thank goodness! 


I got a bottle of French red, a beautifully packaged bottle of Italian bombino wine, tea, a cookbook and chick flicks. Pretty much all of my favourite things! I love that he knows me so well!



Watching someone you love unwrapping their presents is probably my favourite Christmas moment. I love seeing the delight in their eyes. It doesn’t matter how old you are, I think there’s a very telltale spark of the little kid inside in everyone’s eyes when they unwrap presents!



During our present unwrapping, we nibbled on baked brie wrapped in prosciutto, honey almonds, organic corn chips and also a few cheeky dark chocolate macadamias. We also drank some of the bombino wine, which was beautiful! 




And for our main meal, we had a chicken in our freezer waiting to be eaten, so I defrosted that and roasted it for our dinner instead of buying a ham or turkey. I stuffed it with rosemary and halved lemons, and stuffed the layer between the breast and skin with butter and minced garlic. This is my go-to recipe for roast chicken. It always comes out so juicy and flavoursome!



I also made some prosciutto and mushroom stovetop sourdough stuffing with some slices of sourdough we also had sitting in our freezer. This was by far both mine and Jared’s favourite dish of the night! It was so quick and easy to make (I’m talking 15mins from start to finish!), I’ll have to share the recipe when I’ve got a bit more time! 


And lastly, a quick garden salad and roasted potatoes and beetroot made by Jared.


For something that was made up of mostly what was already in our fridge/freezer, I was really happy with the results! Not bad for a “budget dinner”!

This was my plate! I had a drumstick, two tiny wings, and a bit of everything else. I ate until I was satisfied (and not until I was bursting at the seams), and added the leftovers to my lunch I packed for today so I could enjoy it again! (For more tips on pacing yourself during the festive period, I’ve written a post here). 


After dinner we got cozy on the couch and watched one of the DVD’s Jared bought me, I made myself some pf the T2 tea and we had a couple of the dark chocolate macadamias leftover from earlier. Such a relaxing way to end the night! I love our little pre-Christmas dinners! I hope we continue this tradition for years to come.

I best be off now! I hope you all have a fabulous and festive Christmas, stay safe, and lots of love to you all.

Laura xx