Monday Eats, Meal Prep and Grocery Shopping


Yesterday was my first “proper” day off. I worked for most of last week and the two days I did have off were dedicated to moving and also to cleaning the old apartment. I’m so happy that it’s all over with now, and we can just slowly unpack and settle in at our own pace! Moving is always such a big task, isn’t it?

But back to yesterday! I got up around 7am and started preparing breakfast for us. I woke up craving fritters, and I remembered that while I was packing last week I found a whole jar of chickpea flour that I’d somehow forgotten all about. So I made a batter that was somewhere between a fritter and socca bread with grated zucchini, potatoes, spices, the chickpea flour and some water and then I let it thicken in the fridge while Jared and I got dressed.

Jared is still off from work at the moment, he found out just before we moved that he was owed two weeks worth of leave for putting in so much overtime earlier this year! It’s come in so handy having him off work during this whole big moving phase. It’s also been nice to just have that bit of extra time together too! To make the most of it, we decided to do a little exploring together yesterday and go for a walk to get coffee while the fritter batter was thickening up.

We went to a cafe near our place and I got myself an almond milk latte to take away which was delicious! After that we checked out our local Harris Farm Markets. We’d never been to one before we moved here, as there’s never been one near us. We went there briefly for the first time on the weekend to pick up some lunch, but didn’t have a chance to properly look around. We had more time yesterday to look around and I loved it! So full of great quality produce (organic/free range/grass fed) and awesome pantry staples. We bought a whole bunch of things to stock up our pantry and fridge. 

We ended up with: buckwheat bread, naan bread, capsicums, mushrooms, organic broccoli, grass fed beef mince, carrots, organic linguine, onions, Australian garlic and a bunch of dried oregano.

When we got back home, I sipped on my coffee as I made the fritters. I was too caught up in checking out all the goodies in Harris Farm that I actually forgot to drink it! Which worked out well because it meant I could enjoy it at home instead! Also, I’m not usually a fan of winter, but it felt so nice to be rugged up in my ugg boots and a big, fluffy jacket at home yesterday. So cosy! It made me think of all the warm, comforting winter dishes that I’ll soon be whipping up now that the summer weather is truly leaving us. I might not like winter weather, but I do love winter foods! 

We had the fritters with sour cream and chipotle salsa, so good! Recipe still needs a little tweaking before I share it, but it was still delicious for something I just threw together!

Jared left after breakfast to finalise things with our old real estate, and I snuck in a little “me time” before I got stuck into any cooking. I curled up on the couch with Wuthering Heights and a big mug of Earl Grey tea for half an hour. It was so blissful to tune out for a little while and get lost in a book, I don’t do it enough these days and it’s something I’d really like to change!

When I finally got cracking into my meal prep, the first thing I started on was my lunch for the week. I’m working Tues-Thurs this week, then again on Sunday. I only prepped enough for Tues-Thurs though, I like to keep one day free of meal prep so I can treat myself to something nice! For lunch, I made a delicious and simple stir fry with vermecilli noodles, onion, capsicum, carrot, corn and mushrooms! (Full recipe will be shared tomorrow). The smell of it cooking made me so hungry, that I ended up eating some for lunch afterwards! 

For snacks, I cut up capsicum and carrots and packed some spicy hummus that we bought a few days ago. This was only enough for 2 days, but I planned to just have some raw cashews/walnuts and an apple on the third day so no prep needed for that.

I also noticed that we had a bunch of really ripe bananas that wouldn’t last much longer, so I popped them into containers to put in the freezer to use in smoothies for breakfast for the week!

Jared got home not long after that, and I made him a really quick fried rice with some leftover brown rice we had in the fridge, and some carrot and capsicum from my meal prep. I topped it with a couple of fried eggs for him, and I sat down with some a bit of organic brie, cheddar and an apple cut into slices for my afternoon snack. (No picture of either of these – oops!).

We relaxed for a while on the couch afterwards, I watched a few episodes of M*A*S*H (Jared got me hooked a few years ago and now I love it!) and Jared played games. Then just after 4pm, I got dinner started. Pretty early for dinner prep, but I was really excited for what I was making. The cold weather yesterday combined with that time of the month approaching had me really craving some comfort food in the form of carby noodles topped with a rich tomato sauce.

So I put together some the linguine, grass fed beef mince and some of the veggies I bought yesterday to make us a hearty five veggie pasta dish. I let the sauce simmer and for a while and we ended up having an early-ish dinner at about 5:30pm. It was amazing. My cravings were well and truly satisfied and there was more than enough left for us to have it again for dinner for another two nights – I love making big meals and having leftovers! It’s almost like accidental meal prep, don’t you think? (I had a couple of you have ask for this recipe yesterday, so I’ll be sharing it a bit later this week!)

After dinner we cleaned up and did some unpacking for a while. At about 9pm, I got hungry again thanks to our early dinner, so I made dessert for myself which was 2 medjool dates filled with salted natural peanut butter and a cup of chamomile tea! It hit the spot nicely and I went to bed a happy camper!

And that was our day of eats, grocery shopping and meal prep! I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Before I go, I’d love to get some of your feedback! Would you like to see more posts on my daily meals? I used to blog all the time about my eats for the day, but it’s been a while since I’ve done that. Would you like to see more of that on here, as well my usual meal prep posts? Let me know!


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      You’re so sweet, thank you!! I personally love reading about what other people eat, it always gives me ideas of what to make myself! So it’s awesome to know I have the same effect on others :)

  1. I love socca so I will DEFINITELY be trying out your fritters. Thanks for the inspiration! xxx

  2. I love your daily meal posts. They help fill the void of Australian ingredients that I miss so much. Oh to have access to mushrooms haha x

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