Monday Eats, Meal Prep + Grocery Shopping (2)

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on my post last Monday! It felt great to be sharing my meals and food prep photos with you all again, hopefully I can make this a more regular occurrence on here!

But for now, let’s stuck into it!

Yesterday morning started off later than usual. We had friends over on Sunday night for dinner. Jared and a few of our friends had gone to the beach to enjoy the spontaneous warm weather we had while I was at work, then they all came over afterwards so we could have dinner together. I made potato bake, pesto pasta salad and there was a few glasses of red enjoyed too. Such a great night, it’s so nice to live so close to them now and that dinners together can come so easily!

Because of our Sunday fiesta, we were both pretty tired and slept in on Monday. It was so nice to not be rushing anywhere. When I eventually got out of bed at 8:30am, I made myself a cup of tea with a splash of rice milk. I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of tea like this (I usually have herbal teas), but it just felt really good to have one yesterday instead of a coffee. 

For breakfast, I made us some burritos of sorts. Jared had cooked up some grass fed beef mince the day before in some coconut oil, turmeric, paprika and cumin, so I just re-heated some in a pan for the filling. It smelled so heavenly from all the spices!

I warmed up some naan bread that I bought last week, and filled them with mixed greens, scrambled eggs, the mince mix and some sour cream. So filling, so hearty and oh-so-delicious!

After we cleaned up, Jared and I both did some work at home. I made myself a cup of herbal tea, and got to work doing some marketing things for The NutriZENists (a business I’m proudly one half of!). As a side note, I’ve discovered our kitchen counter makes for a great “standing work desk.” I hate sitting down for too long, so it works really well for me! It also means I’m super close to the kettle, which makes for easy tea refills!

When we both got a bit hungry, we closed up our laptops and went for a walk in search for lunch before grocery shopping. We quickly ducked into Don Adan Coffee House just as it started raining, and we instantly fell in love with it. The odd, mismatched furniture, the abstract paintings and the cosy atmosphere made it such a nice place to escape the rain in!

We both got coffee (I got an almond milk latte and it was absolutely delicious) and quesadillas for lunch. I got the one filled with beans, and Jared got the chicken and cheese. Both were really tasty, and I loved the generous amount of guac that came with it! Jared prefers tomatoes/salsa to guac, so I ended up with double the guac. I was in avo heaven!

After lunch, we did a bit of browsing at a Vinnie’s store and Jared scored a decanter for $4! He’s been wanting one for so long, but they’re so expensive! We couldn’t believe there was one for $4 just sitting there waiting for a new home! Can’t wait to take it away on our Easter trip this weekend – I can foresee it being used every night! 

After our big Vinnie’s purchase, we walked to Harris Farm to pick up some groceries. We usually take reusable bags for grocery shopping, but we forgot yesterday. Luckily Harris Farm had the option to buy paper bags for 20c each. We only needed two, and they were so sturdy! I packed them away to use next time. Such a great (recyclable) alternative to plastic bags!

We bought: 2x bunches kale, leek, cauliflower, veggie stock, Bill’s Organic ancient grain sourdough, 2x trays of grass fed mince and a beautiful organic, grass fed Salt Bush lamb roast. 

(Side note: We get a weekly box of produce from Ooooby as well on Wednesdays – but I’m usually at work and can’t take a snap of what we get. The quality and the variety is great, but sometimes I still like to buy things that I crave that aren’t in the box, or if it’s the beginning of the week and we’re running low in the lead up to our next box).

I also got a stainless steel thermos from a bargain shop while we were out. Now that the weather is cooler, I wanted to bring some soup for lunch this week but we don’t have a microwave at work. So I thought the best option was to get myself a thermos that I could pour hot soup into in the mornings!

The soup I made was for my lunch had kale, broccoli, cauliflower, leek, garlic, beans, quinoa and stock and was so flavoursome! It smelled so good while it was cooking that Jared and I ended up having some for our afternoon tea. We had a bowl each, with grilled cheese toast made from buckwheat bread topped with pesto and cheddar! (I ended up only having about half of my bowl and the put the rest away – the soup was surprisingly really filling!). 

There was plenty of it leftover to pack away for lunch! I mean plenty. Such a simple and convenient meal prep dish it turned out to be, I spent less than an hour prepping and cooking it, and it made so much! I’ll be posting the full recipe this week if you’d like to try it out!

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the couch together. At about 5, I prepped our dinner. We had a frozen free range chicken in the freezer, and I defrosted it during the day so I could roast it for dinner. I gave it a good rinse, then popped some lime wedges inside. It gives the chicken a subtle citrusy fragrance which is really nice! I also like to put some butter and minced garlic in between the breast meat and skin, which gives it more flavour and helps to keep the breast meat from drying out too much. To finish it, I just rub any leftover butter over the chicken, and season with salt and pepper. 

To have with it, I also did some roasted veggies. Carrots, cauliflower and beans tossed in olive oil, himalayan salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and turmeric. I also added some honey to the carrots, which was a nice change from our usual savoury veggies!

I actually didn’t even eat dinner right away. I had a 60min 7:30pm Yin yoga class I had to dash off to and dinner was finished cooking at about 7pm. I didn’t want to feel too full right before a class, so instead I snacked on a couple of medjool dates stuffed with natural PB and sprinkled with a little salt! Really tasty and held me over well through my yoga class!

I’m really lucky in that my yoga studio is within walking distance from home. So even though the class ran a little late, I was still home and tucking into my dinner before 9pm!

And that was us done for the day! Would you like to see more of my daily meals? I might try to get another post out weekly with a few days worth of daily eats if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!