Monday in Meals

I’ve really been enjoying sharing my eats once a week from Mondays (which is my day off), but how would you also like a comparison post of what my eats are like on my day off to what they are like on a busy work day? Let me know in the comments/by email and I’ll work on it this week for you!

Before I begin, just a reminder as always that these posts aren’t here for you to compare your own way of eating to, nor is it a way for me to dictate what you should eat. Rather it’s here as a way for me to share my meals to hopefully drum up some inspiration if you need some ideas for recipes/meals and to also show you that it’s possible to incorporate a more gentle, intuitive and mindful approach (rather than a strict, regimented diet mentality) and still lead a happy and healthier life. Now let’s get into it!

Monday morning started off with coffee, but I only had a few sips before I gave it to Jared to finish. I was feeling a bit stressed/anxious about a few things and the coffee didn’t feel good to me at that point.Instead I got started on the grocery shopping list and we left shortly after to get it all done before Jared had to go to work.
Once we got to the shops, I felt a bit more relaxed and not as frantic in my own mind, so we sat and had a coffee together before we got stuck into the shopping. I got an almond milk latte, and I as really glad I didn’t force myself to have a coffee earlier just for the sake of it. This one was much more enjoyable!


This is what we came home with: cheese, tinned organic tomatoes, coconut milk, coconut oil, roasted red peppers, tuna, tinned lentils, tinned chickpeas, GF seeded bread, goats cheese, organic EVOO, passata, organic corn thin, organic rice and grain cakes, spinach and rocket mix, bag of avos, organic coffee, pulse penne and spaghetti and brown rice spiral pasta.

Most of it was from Aldi, except for the rice cakes, pasta, tinned legumes and goats cheese which I got from IGA. We got so many bargain at Aldi this week! That 900g organic coconut oil was only $9 (I sometimes pay DOUBLE that for the same amount elsewhere), that giant 2kg jar of roasted red peppers was only $8 and the bag of 6 avocados was only $6! Couldn’t be happier with those! It was a shame they didn’t have any brown rice pasta, as theirs is the cheapest. So I had to venture to IGA for it, which led me to discover the San Remo pulse pasta! They’re made from a mix of beans and legumes, with no grains or gluten. How awesome is that? They were on sale for $3.60 for penne and spaghetti, so I bought both to try out!


Note: we didn’t buy any fruit or veg, as we order a weekly box from Ooooby, which has organic produce and 2 dozen organic free range eggs for $60. We also didn’t get any meat aside from the tuna, as we have some in the freezer that I really want to get stuck into and clear out before we leave for our trip.


After unpacking, we got straight into breakfast because we were both starving by this point. I whisked four eggs with a little salt and pepper, cooked it in some butter and divided it between the two of us. I served with toasted GF bread topped with avo and kimchi kraut (this was from Peace, Love and Vegetables).

After breakfast, Jared left for work and I got stuck into some meal prep. I strted with dinner. We had defrosted a grass fed rump roast overnight, and I rubbed it in some spices, salt, a little olive oil and popped it in the slow cooker with some stock and onions to cook all day. It was my first time cooking a whole roast in the slow cooker, and am so disappointed I didn’t get any photos because it turned out so good!

Next up was the prep for my work lunches. I was inspired from the giant jar of roasted red peppers I bought, and used that to make a vegetarian pasta salad with the pulse pasta, goats cheese, greens, chickpeas and a simple sweet balsamic dressing instead of a creamy dressing. This was crazy delicious. I’ll share it on the blog this week for you!


I ended up having a bowl of this for lunch and it was so satisfying, hearty, fresh and just so tasty! I love a good pasta salad!

The next couple of hours were dedicated to finalising some things for our trip next month to Hawaii and Vegas, I’m so excited that everything is now booked and paid for! What a relief! If you have any must visit places to eat, or things to do for Las Vegas, Honolulu or Maui, please comment or send me an email! I’d love to hear your suggestions!


I decided to have some dark chocolate to celebrate, but after a couple of bites I realised it wasn’t what I felt like at all. I realised I was actually hungry and the chocolate wasn’t satisfying my hunger. I wanted something savoury and more filling. So I put it away and had some corn thins instead. I had one with goats cheese, another with 1/4 small avo and a pinch of salt and one with roasted peppers and kimchi kraut. This hit the spot! And I knew I could always come back to the chocolate later if I wanted. 


I spent some time studying, before heading to an evening yoga flow class. Throughout winter I preferred the slower, yin classes. But now that it’s spring and I have more energy, I’ve really been enjoying the pace and challenge of the flow classes more. It was a really great way to move my body after being sitting in front of my laptop all day.

When I got home, we had dinner which was a really simple combination of brown rice cooked in homemade stock, silverbeet cooked in butter and garlic, and some of the delicious slow cooked roast meat. 


I usually have dark chocolate for dessert, but I wasn’t really feeling it still. I knew if I had it, it would’ve been out of habit and not out of actual “want.” So I just had a cup of turmeric ginger tea instead and I was quite happy and content with just that!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know if you’d like to see more of these!