More Moving Talk!

Are you sick of me talking about moving yet? If you are, then I’d advise you to skip this post and maybe all posts for the next week because this is basically my entire life at the moment. 

Today started off super early. Jared had to be at work by 7am, and wouldn’t be finished up until 4. I decided to leave with him so he could drop me off at the new place and get some cleaning and unpacking done. But in order for us to load the car (and by us, I mean him because I can’t lift anything heavier than a spoonful of food at the best of times, let alone before sunrise), drive to our new place and unload it and get Jared to work by 7, we had to get up at 5am. It wasn’t pretty.

I got up and packed Jared’s food for the day and made myself breakfast of 2 fried eggs while Jared got ready and loaded the car. I also packed myself some snacks for the day and a coffee to have on the way and we were off.

What I totally forgot was that we still hadn’t connected the electricity at the new place yet, and so it was still pitch black once we got there. Jared unloaded the car and had to leave, so I basically sat around on the floor drinking my coffee and scrolling social media in the dark for half an hour, cursing myself for watching too many horror movies and getting paranoid at every noise.


At about 7am, there was enough light to finally get started. So of course the first thing I did was take photos of the place to show you all. I don’t want to share them just yet, I’ll save them to do a little before and after post once we’ve properly moved in and unpacked!

My cleaning arsenal for the day: mop, bucket, recycled paper towel, gloves disinfectant spray, bathroom/shower spray, floor cleaner and a scrubbing brush. I really like the Earth brand for cleaning products. They’re extremely affordable and a more eco-friendly alternative to a lot of other cleaning products out there.

Also these gloves were great. Comfortable and made from sustainably sourced rubber, no bleaching or dyes in it either to irritate your hands!

My first task I had in mind was to clean the kitchen so I could unpack our pantry items, plates, bowls and cups. I didn’t think it would be too hard… until I opened up the cupboards (something I totally forgot to do when we checked this place out last week – rookie move).

retro kitchen

They were awful. Like really, really awful. Not only were they lined with dirty cheap contact, there were dead cockroaches in every corner. I was so grossed out. I hate roaches, they seriously creep me out and here I was needing to clean them out of our freakin’ kitchen cupboards. Ugh.

First thing I did was rip out as much of the contact as I could from the shelves. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the cupboards after that, but I knew I didn’t want to see that dirty contact for a second longer.

I then sprayed and wiped every single surface I could reach in there. Some of it twice. All I could think of at this point was, “HOW COULD ANYONE HAVE LIVED LIKE THIS?!”

Between the contact ripping, disinfecting and dead cockroach clearing, I was 110% over it by 8am. I thought back to when I lived with my parents and our house was immaculate and mum cooked us delicious food everyday and she would say to me how much I would miss it all and I was all like “um whatever mum, I’m 23 and totally ready to do this whole life thing on my own.” And now at almost 27 years old, all I wanted was her immaculate house and home cooked meals and to not be an adult anymore because adulting is too hard and I was totally and utterly wrong.

I decided at that point to have a break from it all. I sat on the floor and ate my Bourke St Bakery chocolate and sour cherry cookie I packed. It was great, but it didn’t soothe my soul nearly enough.

bourke street bakery chocolate sour cherry cookie

So I decided to go for a walk to the shops and get some fresh air and also grab some things for the place. I looked up the nearest Coles and it was a 15 minute walk which I was happy to do. Until I got there and realised it was simply a Coles Express (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a tiny “shop” attached to a service station and not a grocery store like my iPhone map said).

Then on the way home from my failed trip it started to rain and I was seriously about one more calamity away from a breakdown. Thankfully there was a café on the way and I was able to get myself a large coffee, which made me feel slightly better on my rainy walk home. Then I did what all almost-27 year olds do and called my mum.

It was honestly exactly what my soul needed. I sat on the balcony floor, coffee in hand and just chatted with my mumma. I told her about the new place and how much work we were going to have to put into it for it to be nice, and how I didn’t want to be an adult anymore, and that I hated cockroaches, and asked her if I was an idiot for choosing the cheaper apartment instead of forking out an extra $100-$200 per week and getting myself a nicer and new place?

And she did what she did best, and that was talk some sense into me. She reminded me that this was only temporary, and that I had made the best decision for myself and Jared. She also reassured me that I was not in fact an idiot, I was being smart financially and that all the money I would save would help me to reach my dreams of owning a beautiful block of land in the country that much faster. Then she told me she was proud of us and that was really all it took for me to feel 300 times better. Mums are the best.


After our half an hour chat, I got back into it with a bit more motivation. My next task was to mop the kitchen floor, which was dirtier than it looked judging by the colour of this mop water…


I then got stuck into the bathroom. I scrubbed the bath, shower and sink and pulled out the biggest hairball from the shower drain in the process. I’ll spare you a photo of it. It was as gross as it sounds though.


I had another break and enjoyed the cheese, celery and apple I brought from home. On the floor of course, because I’m classy and because we have no furniture there yet.


After my snack I unpacked all the pantry items I’d brought over. (Photos soon when I’ve got everything in!). It was then that I started to feel a bit better about it all. It was starting to look a little bit more like home, with all our food on the shelves. It was a shame I couldn’t put the cups and plates we’d brought over because I still didn’t know what to do about the shelves. I didn’t want to put contact back on it. I’m thinking of getting some vinyl at Bunnings tomorrow instead, what do you think?

For lunch I had a ham, cheese and tomato toastie that I picked up when I got coffee. I also worked on this blog post for a while too, I needed a cleaning break!


The last task I set myself for the day was to clean the hallway cupboard and built in wardrobe in the spare room. They were lined in cheap, dirty and peeling contact too! WHY?! The last tenants were probably just trying to cover the particleboard shelving, but it just looked really bad. There was actually two layers of contact, like each tenant had just tried to cover up the last tenants attempts. I got rid of it all!


The built in also had a weird silver paint job at the back of it, like someone had attempted to spray paint and gave up halfway through? WHY? *Sigh. I made a mental note to ask our real estate on Monday if we could paint it ourselves (properly, you know, not just half of it….). 

The rest of my afternoon was spent googling how to wash walls and ideas on what to do with particleboard shelves while I waited for Jared to pick me up. 

He had a big day at work with two staff members off sick and we were buggered and not wanting to cook. So we stopped by Aldi on the way home, picked up a $10 frozen lasagna (sorry not sorry) and ate that for dinner. I also had a well deserved strawberry and lime cider. God it was good!

The only plans I have for the rest of the night is taping and labelling some more boxes to take over tomorrow, then it’s movies and couch with Jared. We’ve got a full day planned for tomorrow, with a trip to Bunnings, and some more cleaning and unpacking.

I promise I’ll have some recipes and What I Ate posts back on here soon, you know… when I’m no longer living off frozen lasagnas ;).

What have you been up to this weekend so far? Anyone else moving? I’ve been venting for this whole post, I want to hear from you!