Moving Update – WE’RE IN!

So, we have officially moved. Jared handed the keys back in yesterday and we’ve officially spent 3 nights at our new place. The weekend was a blur of boxes, too many staircases and complaints of needing to lift heavy things (mostly from me). But we had such great help from one of my girlfriends Mia and our friend Mike. We got about 80% of it done by Saturday evening, and celebrated by attending one of our friend’s birthdays in the city.

We didn’t get back home from our night out until the wee hours of the morning (something we haven’t done in such a long time!). I’m not sure why we thought it was a great idea to do this halfway through our moving weekend, but it was a totally spontaneous decision and we had a really good time so I definitely don’t regret it! It was also a nice chance to take Mike out to see the city, he’s over here from America and hasn’t been able to see much of Sydney yet so it was so much fun to show him a good night out, especially after we had such a big day.

Mike actually stayed over at our new place on Saturday night after the festivities, and he helped us finish off the moving on Sunday! What a sweetheart! It really helped us out so much. It was a struggle to get motivated to do anything because we were all so tired, but we eventually got there and had the rest of the things moved by  Sunday night. Mike went home after that, and I scrubbed the oven and bathroom clean, before we both called it a night. 

On Monday Jared did the final tidy up while I was at work. He vacuumed, wiped down every single surface and dropped the keys off, and that was the end of our connection with our old place. 

His photos he posted on Facebook yesterday with the caption: 

facebook post

He was as sad as I was to be leaving it. But it did feel like a tiny bit of relief when I found out he had handed back the keys. It felt like we finally had some closure and could finally start working on our new home now, without lingering on our old place. We just have to keep reminding each other that there more great moments ahead of us.

It will be nice once we are actually settled in properly I think. Our place currently looks like a bomb has hit it. No, seriously. This is currently our living room. It’s giving me anxiety just looking at this photo because I know it’s waiting for me when I get home tonight.

living room

BUT, I’ve also set myself a realistic goal of doing one hour of unpacking a night after work starting from tonight. It’s not enough to completely wear me out, but it’s enough to keep my mind at ease that I’m steadily getting through it all and that there’s light at the end of it all. I can’t wait for this weekend though, where my only plans will be to finish unpacking, organising, meal prepping and of course a visit to either K-Mart or Ikea for some “finishing touches.” It’s been such a long road, but we’re taking steps to 

I hope to be back to chatting to you all about stuff other than moving very soon, but until then, it’s all I’ve got really!

Thanks for hanging around you guys, you’re the best!




6 thoughts on “Moving Update – WE’RE IN!

  1. I’m sure it will look great when it’s all done, and you will create lots of yummy foods in the kitchen, and amazing memories in the house! Unpacking and settling in is not fun but it will be done before you know it! Xx

    1. You are such a sweetheart, thank you for the uplifting words! It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster this week, but I feel like things are looking up again. Thanks again lovely xxx

  2. Hi Laura!

    I´ve been reading your blog for a couple of years but this is my first comment here.
    I know that anxiety and stress so well! Moving isn´t easy at all but take things easy and everything will be put together with time. Try to relax and enjoy some funny moments with your boyfriend in the middle of that caos ;)
    Be patient and keep in mind that, that house will give you much joy.

    1. Hi Andreia! Thank you for following my little blog for so long and also for your sweet comment, it really means a lot to me. This move has definitely been the most stressful one we’ve made, but I know there’s a light at the end of it all so I’m trying to let myself relax a bit more. I will be so happy once it’s all sorted and it starts to look and feel more like home! But you’re right, I should definitely just try and enjoy the process and find humour in it all! Thank you for the reminder! xoxo

      1. You don´t have to thank me. The merit is all yours and it´s always great to read you from here :)
        I will be a nutritionist as well (i graduated as a pharmacist but i always wanted to be a nutritionist as well and so, i took this chance this year) and i really like the fact that you are so down to earth when it comes to nutrition. You love food, make smart choices and avoid all those popular trends with so many restrictions based mostly on marketing strategies…
        You really make a good job Laura. Your cooking is so simple, nutritious, beautiful and humble. It´s such a joy!
        My last move was a couple of years ago and it was so stressful because i had nothing and had to furnish the whole apartment. I remember getting stressed (as well mom and dad) about getting the whole furniture as quick as possible…in fact i got most of it on the sale department but with time, i found pieces that were “me”. We need to be patient to find those items that relate our personality and your home will defiantly look like you want it to be. Just have fun and try to ignore some dust and mess (it´s normal and please don´t let it drive crazy) ;)

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