My Balcony Garden Update

I love waking up early. I have so much more time in my day to do things, and I always try to make the most of it. This morning I was up at the crack of dawn with all intentions of going to a yoga class. But as luck would have it, I could not find any work out shorts or tights anywhere. I rummaged through every drawer and basket and honestly couldn’t find a single pair. I took that as a sign from the universe to hop back into bed and enjoy some warmth next to Jared instead. He slept soundly while I caught up on my favourite blogs until about 7:30am, when he woke and we decided to have breakfast together.

We had our usual stay-at-home brekkie of bacon, organic eggs, organic kale and garlic all cooked in a little organic butter. It’s a favourite for both of us, and despite how often we eat it, we are yet to tire of it.

Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway
Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway

After breakfast, we went about our own activities. He got into his job-hunting and game-playing, and I got stuck into our balcony garden. Remember how in love I was with it when we first moved in? Well, I’m sad to say I’ve been really neglecting it lately and it was showing. Things had stopped growing, caterpillars had taken over some of the plants and it was an all round mess out there. I’d put off tending to it, but after spending the weekend at my mumma’s place and seeing her lush garden, I was determined to get mine back into shape.

First things first – getting rid of all the things that were dying/no longer growing (to eat of course – not to waste), which was mainly just the carrots and a few other sprouts/seedlings that never grew. When I pulled the first bunch carrots out, I actually had to stop because I was laughing so much. I was expecting them to be small because I hadn’t separated them and I hadn’t seen the leaves grow in quite some time. But I wasn’t expecting tiny and round little bulbous carrots!!! I sent a photo to my sister who has a green thumb just like mum, and she couldn’t stop laughing either. She said they looked like chubby baby fingers. Aaaand I have to agree, haha! Ah well, they’ll still be delicious in a nice autumn soup or stock!1 10I also picked out some mesclun lettuce that had grown incredibly tall and taken over the pot. I have no idea how or why, but they didn’t even look like lettuce anymore. So I just picked them out to add to our salads! What I did find though, was little red oak lettuce sprouting underneath all the big stalks. I left them in the planter box to see if they’ll thrive without the competition of the “lettuce stalks.”7Second job was to sort out all my pot plants. I put all my potted succulents and herbs (chilli, mint, chives and stevia) onto a black wire shelf I had sitting out there. It was originally pushed up against the wall next to our outdoor setting, but the sun would never hit it so we had to continuously take off any pots that were on there and place them in the sun. It was annoying. So instead of having it there, I pushed down all my planter boxes, and squeezed it onto the edge of the balcony where plenty of sunlight hits. I’ll just rotate the potted plants once a week or so, just to make sure they all get the same amount of sun!924 5Third thing I had to do check through all the herbs and greens in the planter boxes for caterpillars. In my planter boxes, I’ve currently got fennel, sorrel, oregano, marjoram, curly parsley, purple basil and red oak lettuce. They were only really running rampant in the herbs though! I ended up finding about 6 or 7 total, and picking them off. Cheeky little buggers! I’m forever feeding them!!

I also ended sowing some organic English spinach seeds in next to the sorrel and also the lettuce as there was room in both. Not sure if they’ll sprout, but I hope they do!3 8I’m so happy with it now! The plants are all in the right spots, there’s no more caterpillars feeding off of them, I’ve re-potted/removed what was needed to be, I’ve given them all a good water and there’s actually more space out there too! Which is great as we’re having a party for Jared’s birthday next weekend, and now that a whole corner of the balcony has been freed up (to the left of the black shelf of potted plants), we can actually fit a small BBQ in there with even enough space for a couple of people to be around it!

Also. After all the rearranging, I now have an entire planter box that’s empty. I still haven’t decided what to out in there. Any suggestions?

Wow, it’s only 1pm now and I feel like I’ve done so much with my day already! I actually thought it was much later in the afternoon (to the point where I was thinking about what cake I could bake to have with our afternoon tea, ha!). Might actually relax and read for a little while before cooking us up some lunch.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday!

Laura x.





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