Weekend Recap: Date Nights, Girls Brunch and Exciting News!

It’s Monday and I’m feeling ready for a great week! (Much, MUCH better than how I was feeling this time last week!).

Before I get cracking into my day, I just wanted to share my weekend!

Friday night Jared and I met up after work at a local Vietnamese restaurant called Mint. He got the beef curry, and I got the marinated pork chop which came with tomato rice, a fried egg, shredded pork, a slice of Vietnamese meat loaf and some fresh veggies. We also got coconut water, which was so refreshing in the balmy summer heat!

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I had a little over half my dinner and packed the rest to enjoy later. It was just enough for me to feel full without being uncomfortable.

I love being so close to so many great restaurants, because we don’t have to travel far and we can walk there and back. It’s so good to go for a nice, relaxing stroll after a meal. It helps with digestion, and it was just nice to chat about each other’s day on the walk too, it makes for great quality time together.

Usually I’d have myself a glass of wine on a Friday night in, but I’m still on antibiotics at the moment and I figured my body could do with a break so I bought myself some Nudie carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice to sip on over the weekend instead. I also bought Jared a bottle of port to say thank you for looking after me.

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We spent the rest of the night watching movies and relaxing together. OH! I almost forgot the most important part of that night! My exciting news! During one of our in between movie breaks, I did something totally crazy and that I’ve been wanting to do for so long but never had the courage to do. I signed up for a half marathon! EEEEEK!! I’ll officially be running in the Blackmore’s half marathon in September this year and I have never been so equally nervous, scared and excited before!!! I really enjoy running, but have never quite pushed myself beyond my 5km limit. A.k.a My comfort zone. I have also been slacking off overall quite a fair bit, fitness wise. It’s well and truly time to get back into it! This is going to be the biggest physical challenge of my life, and I’m so ready to see what my body is capable of and what I can achieve if I apply the effort and determination.

If you are a seasoned runner/marathoner, I would really love any advice you could possibly give me! Especially on any blogs I should follow for inspiration and advice, general running tips or your favourite shoes/running gear at the moment! I’ll also be documenting my journey on my blog too! Don’t worry, it won’t ever take away from my usual foodie posts, but it will definitely be a big part of my life, and in turn my blog too. I would love to be able to turn this blog into more of a balanced trifecta of food, fitness and the mind/soul. Because that’s what health is really all about isn’t it? A good balance of the three! (Plus a bit of wine and cheese of course – that needs to be in there too!).


On Saturday morning, we got up early and got some housework done. I also heated up my dinner leftovers, added a couple of extra fried eggs and split it between us for breakfast. That pork was seriously so good, I could eat it everyday!


Later that morning I caught up with my girlfriends Candice and Mia for brunch at The Picnic in Burwood. I love this place! That was my second time there since it opened a few weeks ago, and I have enjoyed it each time.

I got the yogi smoothie bowl which had a banana, cacao and peanut butter smoothie base, then topped with coconut, goji berries, almonds and cacao nibs. My first time ever getting a smoothie bowl and it was delicious! I also got a green juice and almond milk latte.

How beautiful are my girlfriends by the way? I’m so grateful to have them, they seriously brighten up my life so much!


After I left them, I spent the rest of my Saturday relaxing on the couch. Jared played his games and I caught up on my favourite blogs. Hungry Runner Girl is the one pictured here. I stumbled across it a week or so ago and have been addicted ever since!


I also snacked on grapes, tasty cheese and celery sticks later in the afternoon. I didn’t have any lunch as I wasn’t very hungry after brunch.


I was feeling super lazy that night and really didn’t want to cook. After doing our budgeting for the week, I realised that we had some extra money leftover so we decided to go out and treat ourselves!

I was clearly super happy about not having to cook!

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We walked to one of jared’s favourite local Japanese restaurants – . We ordered the pork belly, a rainbow roll, 2x rice, 2x miso, Jared had a dark beer and I ordered a Japanese green tea.

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We were absolutely stuffed after this, and still managed to stick to our $50 budget. I was so happy!

We walked home and spent the night watching movies again. I know, so wild of us!  Haha. I was so glad to be relaxing though, my body needed it after such a crazy few weeks.

On Sunday morning, I cooked us some breakfast: bruschetta toast and eggs. I had an emotional breakdown because I screwed up the poached eggs (as per usual – seriously, I can never get them right!) and then overcooked the eggs when I tried to fry them (Jared kept trying to convince me that they were still delicious, the darling!). As a side note, Mother Nature visited me later that day, so it made the almost crying over some overcooked eggs a bit more understandable!


We then went and got our groceries, and stopped at a sushi train for lunch. It just opened recently and all plates were $3.50 as part of their special. Jared always convinces me to stop in whenever we go grocery shopping so he can get his cheap sashimi fix. It’s such a good deal that I never argue! I had myself a couple of plates, a miso soup and split a seaweed salad with him!

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Our groceries: Bill’s Organics Rye Sourdough, rice milk, olives Mayver’s PB, ricotta, organic dark chocolate, asparagus, snow peas and beans (we usually get the majority of our veggies from our Ooooby subscription, but I was craving these particular veggies that day so I got them) and MINI PITA BREADS! I was incredibly excited to find these. These were a “I have my period – oh my god mini pita breads – I can make mini pizzas with these!” kinda purchase! Pretty good ingredients list too, no canola/vegetable oil or artificial colours/flavours/preservatives, just wholemeal flour, salt and some added vitamins I think from memory. 


I also got frozen cod (sustainably sourced) and organic mince from Aldi. 


I did a bit of meal prep after putting the groceries away and made some bliss balls for the week. After that I decided to do a small work out. I did a core workout circuit from this guide>>, the some yoga and then… Jared joined me on the mat. Yes, you read right. Jared joined me! We’ve been talking about getting into acroyoga together for a while now, so finally decided to give it a crack yesterday. It was hilarious to say the least. He kept rubbing the mat in a certain way whenever he lifted me and it made it sound like he was farting every-single-time. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. And it’s really hard to engage your core when you’re in fits of laughter! It was so much fun though, it was just nice to have a little hobby to share together. Even if most of the hour was spent laughing at fart noises, haha!

Post yoga, we had pan fried cod, stir fried greens and baked asparagus for dinner and watched Avatar together. I was so relaxed! After the movie, we cleaned up and I got my diary out and planned my week ahead. I set up my laptop, camera and throw blanket in my corner of the couch for the next day (I like to wake up at 5am, curl up on the couch and work on my blog posts before I get ready for the day – it’s generally the only time I have to do it). 

Today I woke up so refreshed and motivated to kick ass this week! Amazing what a good weekend can do for the soul! Hope you’re ready to kick ass this week too!