New Morning Habits and Today’s Eats!

Lately I’ve pressing the snooze button more and more. It was starting to become a bad habit, and I found that it made my morning’s more stressful than needed because I had less time to get ready.

One of my favourite things about my days off are the quiet “me time” moments I have before I start my day. I usually get up with Jared and have a coffee with him before he leaves (if it’s one of his work days, otherwise I just leave him in bed while I get up), and then I sit for about half an hour and just read or do whatever I like. Then I make breakfast and get to my daily tasks. It always puts me in such a positive mindset, and today I decided to try to put that into my work day too so I could start every day in that mindset.

I don’t have to leave home until around 7:30am, but when my alarm went off at 6am, I resisted the urge to snooze and got up. I unrolled my yoga mat in the living room, which was swimming with beautiful morning light, and I did a few rounds of a Sun Salutation. I used to do this all the time but I stopped because I got too lazy (oops!). I felt great today though, so much more awake than how I was waking up prior to this – by scrolling through social media until I could drag myself out of bed (another oops!). I definitely think I’ll try to continue this! If you’d like a guide to a Sun Salutation, there’s a great one here.

After that I put some pasta on to cook for my lunch and sat down with a warm cup of water with some organic apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and honey and enjoyed some relaxing “me time” for another 15mins. I jotted down some ideas for future projects, got my instagram fix and enjoyed my tea all before 6:30.


After that I finally got my butt into gear and got ready for my day. I threw together a pasta salad for lunch made of brown rice penne (the pasta that I had cooking while I was relaxing), mixed greens, cucumber, celery, mixed beans, avo, olive oil, chilli flakes and pepper (this took me about 5 minutes to do – honestly!). For my snack I wrapped up one of my Peanut Butter Banana Bread Bars that I made yesterday.

And for breakfast I made both Jared and I some awesome bacon sandwiches! I cooked 4 shortcut rashers of bacon in a little organic butter and put some sourdough bread into the toaster while I was putting together my lunch. By the time I was done, the bacon was cooked and the toast was done! I then spread the toast with avo, added 2 thin slices of brie, 2 rashers of bacon and a big handful of mixed greens. SO GOOD!

meal prep

It was quite a big sandwich though, so I cut it in half and ate some before I got ready and wrapped the rest up for my trip into work. Because I leave home so early, my appetite isn’t very big at that time. I’ve tried so many times to eat my regular breakfast portions before I leave for work and always ended up feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I’m trying to be more mindful now and listening to my body rather than forcing things upon it. That half of a sandwich was just enough to give me energy and fill my appetite for the time being.

Swerve & Co

Just before I got into work, I stopped by my favourite coffee shop Swerve & Co. and got myself my usual – an almond milk latte. I then ate the rest of my bacon sandwich with a couple of sips of my coffee. 

For lunch, I ate my salad, making sure to not eat frantically/mindlessly and paying attention to my appetite. I ate about 3/4 of it and stopped at the last few bites because I felt full. Normally I would have scoffed this down just because it had a few bites left, and usually come back from lunch too full. Today I didn’t. I felt so much lighter and energised, rather than tired and bloated. 

At about 4pm, I got hungry again so I ate my bar I packed. And then on the way home from work I ate the last of the salad (no wastage here!). 

For dinner, I made Jared and I a delicious creamy pasta. A PMS craving of mine which went down a treat! So well that I forgot to take a photo, ha!

I’m currently lazing about in bed now and I can’t help but think how good I felt today. I started my day with a positive mindset that carried on throughout my whole day, plus because I changed my eating habits I also had no cramping, minimal bloating and more energy overall. It felt great! And that’s just one day! I wonder what difference it will make if I continue this for a week? A month? More? 

Have you tried intuitive eating or just being more mindful of your own feelings of hunger/appetite? How did you find it? Was it hard/easy and what parts did you struggle with? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Laura x