New Running PB’s and a Weights Work Out!

Ok, so I’m reaaaallly proud of myself this past week for my training progress. 

Week before last, I only ran twice. The first run was only 2km and my sports bra broke halfway (it’s what I like to call a “Laura moment”). The second run was an awesome 5km run (recap here>>) and that was the longest I’d run in quite some time. Then I didn’t run again all week, because tired/rainy/every other excuse under the sun. Terrible, I know. But it happens I guess. No point beating myself up over it, it just gives me more reason to get back into and kick ass the following week, which is exactly what I did!

My runs this past week: 

run times

YES – that is a 7km run you see there!! But we’ll get to that :).

Tuesday Run

I was really keen for this run! I’d eaten well all day to fuel myself up right, and I just felt excited to just get out there after not running all long weekend. At about the 2-3km mark, I started to feel my legs fatigue though. They just felt… heavy. I started to get really disheartened. Only 2-3km? Really?? I started to think “No, this can’t be all I’ve got today, I won’t let it be!” Then I realised it was because I was overexcited and going much faster than I usually do. I was running an average of below 7min/per km at that point when I usually average at about 7:20min/per km pace.

So instead of stopping, I just slowed my pace right down and focused on my breathing more to try and get more oxygen into my muscles and to also calm my nervous mind. After a couple of minutes, the fatigue and heavy legged feeling faded and I felt a million times better! So I just stayed at my more comfortable jogging pace of 7ish minutes and was able to push on to 6km. I hadn’t run 6km in probably well over a year! Nothing beats that feeling of reaching a new goal! 

Wednesday’s Work Out


I said on Thursday’s post that I was bringing weights back into my routine. It’s never been a favourite of mine. And I don’t look forward to it nearly as much as I look forward to running. but I know it’s going to help build and strengthen my muscles so I can better and with less risk of injury. So I’m aiming for once a week at this stage (let’s not go crazy now!). I started small on Thursday with the following workout.

Warm Up (taken from the free work out I got in my HIIT Box):

  • 30x each of high knees, quick star jumps, butt kicks and knee taps. 

(I was definitely nice and warm by the end of that!)

Work out:

  • A set of 15, 10 and 5 lunges on each leg: 15 second rest between each block, 1.25 kilo weights in each hand.

30 second rest

  • A set of 15, 10 and 5 squats:15 second rest between block, 5 kilos of weights on the bar, 10 kilos total including the bar (I’m just guessing here, I’m not sure how heavy the bar is – felt pretty heavy though).

30 second rest

  • A set of 15, 10 and 5 sit ups on my yoga ball: 15 second rest between block, holding 2.5 kilo weight.

30 second rest

  • A set of 20, 12 and 4 Russian twists: 15 second rest between block, holding 2.5 kilo weight

I ended it with 5 minutes of yoga then 5 minutes of stretching. Even though it was a short work out, I was still nice and sweaty by the end! That’s always a good sign right? 

Severus was so curious as to what the hell I was doing. He did not like the look of that barbell. Hey, me neither buddy… Me neither! 


Verdict: I was SO sore for the next two days. More so than I ever am after a run. I suddenly remembered why I hate weights. I took some magnesium each night, and also stayed hydrated and walked to and from work like usual to keep my legs moving. But what I forgot to do was stretch or foam roll the next couple of days. I think that will improve my recovery so much, it usually does for my running. Lesson learnt for next week!

Saturday Run

This was a nice short one to get my legs back into it and nice and warmed up for my long run I had planned for Sunday. I’m not used to running in the morning, so it was a nice change to be running in daylight and sunshine!

Sunday Run


I can’t believe I ran over 7km!!!! That is my LONGEST RUN EVER, YOU GUYS! To say I’m happy and proud of myself is an understatement. 

I asked Jared if he could take me to the Bay Run track on Sunday because I knew it was 7km the whole way round. I was excited to be able to run on a track and reach that 7km without needing to run the same track twice (something that gets boring to me sometimes). I honestly thought he was just going to drop me off and have a coffee or something while he waited because he doesn’t love running like I do. Even though he has ridiculously strong legs from his many years in football, and was always the fastest on the field in his team. He would kill it in a half marathon or marathon I think!

Oops, I digress! Anyway, I thought he wouldn’t want to run with me, but low and behold, come Sunday he was dressed in his running best and ready to give the track a go! I was so happy! It was nice to have him joining me on one of my favourite activities! Also, I couldn’t stop laughing because he reminded me of Michael Cera in Juno in his outfit haha!

As suspected, we were together for about 0.2 seconds before he shot off ahead and I didn’t see him again for the rest of the way, haha! I paced myself, not sprinting because I knew it was going to be bigger struggle for me than it would be for him. 

The first few kilometres felt a bit longer than usual. And I know it was only because I was thinking “6 more kilometres to go, 5 more kilometres to go, 4 more kilometres to go” etc. I tried to not focus on that, but every now and then I would go back to that and it made it feel longer than it was. Once I hit the 3.5km mark though, I was stoked! I knew I’d hit halfway and I was still feeling great, which meant I would have no problems finishing. So I took it easy, enjoyed the view, and just being out and doing what I love! 


As I approached the 7km finish, I decided to push for just a little further. 7km had been my longest run and I wanted to push just enough to make a new PB for distance. So I ended up finishing at 7.10km… but with an average pace of 7:05min/km. HOLY COW.


Not only did I get a new PB for distance, I also got a new PB for speed! I have never gone under 7:07min/km, even on my short runs. I was so ecstatic!!!

I met up with Jared at the carpark where we started, and despite feeling like I was going to pass out/die of thirst/sweat myself into a puddle, I had the biggest smile on my face!



Water was very much needed post run. I brought a 1.5L bottle of water for us. And by us, I mean me. I guzzled over half of this myself.


I was so proud of myself and also proud of Jared too who did the whole 7km and only walking for less than 500m of it! For someone who has never done distance running, that is a massive feat! Plus, he beat me by at 5-7minutes (he didn’t time himself – he just went off how long he waited for me). How awesome is that?? Now, to just convince him to join me on the half marathon! Baby steps!!

Also, after our run he said something that really hit me like a freight train. He said, “One day soon you’ll be able to do 3 laps of that!” And I was knocked speechless. Yeah, I will! And the thought of that is simply jaw dropping to me! I honestly can’t wait for race day now!! 

Today is my rest day, no running, weights or anything! Maybe just some stretching, light yoga and foam rolling tonight! Maybe some ice cream or dark chocolate, who knows? (That’s part of every nutritious recovery session right?).

I hope you all have a great Monday, and if you have a moment, I’d love to know more about YOU.

  • Do you love running? (If yes, let’s be BFF’s!)
  • What’s your favourite thing about it?
  • What’s the furthest you’ve ever run?