Birthday Lunch at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant!

On Saturday, we took my mum out to Nick’s Seafood Restaurant on Darling Harbour for her birthday. We’ve all been talking about going out for a nice seafood and wine lunch since Christmas, so it was really exciting to finally get to go!

We had it booked for 12:30pm and were seated right away with no troubles. To start, we all had a cocktail (except for my brother who is still underage and my dad who got himself a beer). Us girls had the Toffee Apple Martini, my brother in law had the Honey Berry Sour and Jared had the Dark and Stormy. The Honey Berry Sour packed quite a punch according to my brother in law (despite the girly sounding name and pretty pink colour that we teased him so much about), the Toffee Apple Martinis were nice but tasted more like vanilla than apple or toffee I think, and Jared’s Dark and Stormy was delicious (I’m glad I got a taste of it, I’m a fan of rum so I really enjoyed it!).





Food-wise, we thought it would be better to order food to share, rather than everyone having their own individual meals. It’s very much a part of our culture to share food, and we find it’s so much more enjoyable that way!

My sister and I were in charge of picking out the meals, and we ended up ordering 2 of the Nick’s Seafood Platter for 2 (fresh cooked lobster, freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters, salt and pepper baby calamari, Catch of the Day, fresh king prawns, Blue Swimmer Crab, golden tempura king prawns, avocado, potato salad served with chips), 2 pots of fresh mussels in chilli and tomato and 2 servings of the Tasmanian lobster meat spaghetti.






All of the seafood in the seafood platters were so fresh tasting, especially the lobster which we ordered as plain (with no sauces/mornay). The meat was sweet, fresh tasting and cooked perfectly. 

The mussels were delicious too. It came with lovely soft bread, which we all dipped in the tomato and chilli sauce the mussels were in. That was definitely my favourite part of them!

The lobster spaghetti had just the right amount of garlic, chilli and olive oil to coat the spaghetti and give it flavour and the lobster meat was once again really sweet and fresh tasting. I could have easily eaten the whole plate to myself!

(I had about 3 or 4 plates like this – everything was so good!).


There was 7 of us there, and it was just the right amount of food. There was no food left at the end! We can all eat quite a fair bit, and this was enough for all of us to be completely satisfied at the end (actually bordering too full!). It was also a great way to try a bit of everything!



We finished it all with a coffee each, and my brother had a hot chocolate. We were so full, but we couldn’t not have our traditional post meal coffees! 


My sister and I split the bill, which came to $590. That was for 2x Nick’s Seafood Platter for 2, 2x pots of fresh mussels in chilli and tomato, 2x Tasmanian lobster meat spaghetti dishes, 6 cocktails, 1 beer, 6 coffees, 1 hot chocolate and a $5 surcharge per person because it was a long weekend. All in all, it worked out to be about $84pp. Not bad at all! 

We were expecting it be around that price tag to eat there, but were more than happy to pay it as a special outing for my mum and also as a treat for all of us going out together (something that hasn’t happened in such a long time).

The service we had was great, the food was fantastic, the view was nice and the only thing we had to fault was that we weren’t told about the $5 surcharge when we booked. Overall though, it was a really lovely experience, and I would be happy to go back there for another special event.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Lunch at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant!

  1. Mmm that lobster and the tempura prawns look so tempting, I’ve never actually eaten at a seafood focused restaurant in Australia (just Jimbaren Bay in Bali) but I think I need to now! Love your outfit by the way, very cute and classy

    1. It was delicious!! A bit above our normal budget, and not somewhere we could afford to go to often. But it was a lovely place to treat ourselves at! I’ve eaten at Jimbaren Bay too, loved that! You’re reminding me I need to go back to Bali again :).

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