I’m a foodie by nature, but a holistic nutritionist by trade! I practice from a beautiful little clinic in Manly, and I help women to reclaim their health and happiness again!

Are you:

  • Stressed?
  • Low in energy?
  • Have digestive issues?
  • Have trouble switching off?
  • Unsure of what to eat/do to feel good?
  • Have fear/anxiety/guilt relating to food, eating or your body? 

These are all things we can work on together! I don’t just focus on food and diet (though they are of course a major factor to what I do), I also work on helping women to find balance in their lives, and ensuring that their mental and emotional health is well looked after too. 

In your consultation, I’ll take a comprehensive case history, we’ll chat about what you hope to achieve and then come up with a treatment plan together. One that’s going to be a long term solution, rather than a quick fix. You won’t get a nonsense/fad/dangerously low calorie diet plans from me. This is much bigger than that. It’s about changing the way you eat, what you eat and how you live, in a way that’s both achievable but sustainable long term. This isn’t a quick fix, but rather a total life commitment to your health. 

Consultation Prices

  • Initial Consultation (60mins):  $120.00
  • Follow Up Consultation (30mins): $70.00

These prices include all written treatment plans, guides and information provided both during and after the visit. If there are supplements or products purchased, this is an additional cost but we’ll always chat about that before you need to commit to anything. 

You can book online HERE to see me in clinic, my practicing days are Thursday and Friday. Or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

SKYPE Consultations

  • Initial Consultation (60mins):  $105.00
  • Follow Up Consultation (30mins): $60.00

I will be offering Skype consultations for those who find it hard to make it to the clinic, or don’t live in the area. These will be just as long and thorough as a face-to-face consult, so please don’t think you’re missing out! There will be limited spots though, so there may be a wait. Please email me if you’re interested and we can discuss what’s available.

Laura x