What This Nutritionist Packs for Travel

I’m a pretty light packer to be honest with you. On my solo trip earlier this year to Thailand, I only took a carry on bag. And on my trip before that to Laos and Cambodia with Jared, we only took one small checked in suitcase and two carry on bags for the both of us. For this trip we’ll probably do the same thing, it just makes the whole travelling process a bit easier when you have less to carry and worry about I find.

I do have some essentials though that I will be packing with us, and these are non-negotiable. I’ll probably carry these in my carry on or handbag so that I have access to them on the plane or on the road. All of these are natural products, fall under the 100ml limit (I’ve learned the hard way to not to try and bypass this rule) and are easy/light to pack and travel well.



I’ve popped the link to all the products websites in either the heading or throughout the post, this is just for your convenience so you can find them and look them up easier. They’re not affiliate links, nor am I sponsored by any of these products (though I wish I were because I love them all and it would save me some cash if I was!). 

1/ Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Cleansing Balm and Jojoba Oil


This has been my favourite skincare range I’ve tried all year! The cleansing balm leaves my face feeling so soft and clean, with no dryness, irritation or tightness afterwards, and the jojoba oil is absorbed into my skin so easily, leaving it feeling nice and moisturised without any oily residue. This little pot is actually the sample size that I bought initially to trial it out, and I promptly bought the full-size cleanser after I finished it because I loved it so much. I’m glad I kept the small pot though, because now I can fill it up and use it on my trip as the perfect travel container.

2/ Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar


Ok, I know this looks and sounds weird, but trust me on this one, it’s a game changer. I bought this when my skin was giving me grief in the winter months. My scalp was so dry and itchy that every shampoo I tried was irritating it. My last resort was this one, it had great reviews on Nourished Life and so I thought I’d give it a go. You wet your hair and the bar of soap, then run from your scalp down the length of your hair. It takes a while to get used to, but YES – it does lather up, and YES – your hair does feel super clean and soft afterwards! My scalp also loved it and I’ve been using it religiously since. It’s also perfect for travelling with as it’s not liquid (no leakage risk and don’t have to worry about putting your shampoo in a small bottle), and you just let it dry out overnight like a bar of soap and pop it in a soap container or a sandwich bag to take home or onto your next destination.

3/ Kuu Konjac Face and Body Sponges


These are amazing, just amazing! They’re made entirely of konjac fibre (which is from the konjac vegetable), and you just hydrate it with water in the shower and use them in place of a face washer or body sponge! They’re great for all skin types and you don’t even need ANY PRODUCTS with it if you don’t want to! The face ones are infused with different things depending which one you pick (this one has bamboo charcoal in it) and the girls at my work use theirs with no cleanser and love it that way! I do however, use my face one with my cleanser because I like the combination of both. 

They are also perfect for travel because you just squeeze them out well and leave them to hang overnight and they actually dry out and go hard, making them super easy to pack and take anywhere.

4/ Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Spray


I love bush flower essences, they’re such a nice, gentle way to support your body and emotions, and can be taken by anyone, anytime, anywhere. They have different blends for different situations and for my last holiday I took one called Calm & Clear which helped me to relax and slow down (something I needed after being burned out and stressed for so long before that). For this trip, I’ve got the Emergency oral spray, which can be used for anything that might bring about feelings of stress, panic, anxiety or fear.

Sometimes when I’m out of routine or away from home too long, I can get a bit anxious or stressed. We’ll also be on multiple flights this trip, which makes me nervous too. Knowing I have something I can just quickly spray in my mouth when things get a little overwhelming is a comforting thought.

(We’ll be seeing two of our friends get married on this trip, and weddings can be quite stressful… so I thought this might even come in handy for the bride/groom/anyone else that might need it on the big day!).

5/ Supplements – SB Restore and Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion

Even though I’m a nutritionist, I’m not packing many supplements. These two, plus the Emergency spray are all I’m taking. The SB Restore is a probiotic supplement that has only one strain in it – saccharomyces boulardii. This strain helps to support good gut function and immunity, and most importantly has been shown to help with traveller’s diarrhoea (both in reducing your chances of getting it, and reducing the severity of symptoms should you get it). It’s also shelf-stable, no fridge necessary, making it even more travel friendly! I didn’t include the link for this, as this one is practitioenr-only and can only be obtained through a practitioner. I also believe you should always chat to a health professional first before picking up any health supplement.

The Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion has good doses of Magnesium, MSM and Melatonin which are absorbed through your skin when you put the lotion on. It helps to help promote restful sleep, which will be great for helping us sleep and adjust to the time difference. 

Other important things shown here

Dr Bronner’s Lip Balm (my current favourite natural lip balm), Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Cream (for any bites, cuts or grazes), Earths Purities Natural Deodorant, Cottons Tampons, toothbrushes (here is one of the ones we like to use) and toothpaste (currently using and loving this one), Natural Instincts sunscreen, Thursday Plantation Insect Repellent (this one is deet-free too!) and band-aids (because I’m accident prone and also for my feet come wedding time!).

There’s no make up pictured, because I don’t often wear any. But I’ll probably keep it simple and just take an eyebrow pencil, liquid eyeliner, mascara and red lippy (my standard 4 items I use when I do choose to put any on!)

What are you like when you travel? Are you a light packer or an over packer? What are your travel staples? Have you used any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below!