Our stay at Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery and Retreat: PART 2 (ft. Brunch in Berry!)

It’s Tuesday and my post holiday high has dwindled. I have now gone into my post holiday depression stage. I told Jared this morning that we should need to go for a day trip somewhere next month, preferably to the Berry Donut Stand (more on that tomorrow). 

Back to my weekend recap! On the Saturday morning, I woke up early to feed Severus. He didn’t listen to me when I told him it was the weekend and mumma needed a sleep in. His cries told me that he thought 6am was a sleep in! 

After feeding the rascal, I crawled back into bed and enjoyed the thought that we had no place to be, no appointments, no errands, no housework and no studying to do that morning. It was a truly blissful thought. Severus climbed back into bed with us, and with the relaxing sound of the rain outside, together the three of us easily fell back asleep for the next hour or so. (A luxury as my weekday wake ups are usually 5 or 5:30am).


I let Jared sleep while I made myself a cup of English Breakfast and a slice of bread with butter and vegemite. I then settled in with this book and fell even more in love with farm life. It’s such a great read. A couple decided to explore the Shoalhaven food and wine scene and shared stories of all the local farmers, growers, wine makers and other foodies in the area. Really interesting and very inspiring!


Jared woke up when I almost finished reading and I told him some of the stories. Then we day dreamed for a while on what our dream homesteading life would be like. There was lots of big ideas, but what’s life without some big dreams to chase, right? 

After lazing about and having coffee together, we decided to head out to Berry for brunch and a little wander. We were lucky that the rain had cleared and the sun had come out. It made the farm look extra beautiful that morning!

Just outside of our little cottage:


Greg and Anne’s house:


Berry was only a 25 minute drive away, and lucky for that because I was starting to get quite hungry! We decided to visit Berry Sourdough Cafe on Prince Alfred St. It was only a few minutes walk outside of the main strip of Berry. Jared thought we were lost because we were heading towards a more residential area. But there it was, nestled on the side of the street. I love little tucked away places like this!


It was quite busy when we got there (just before 11), and had to wait for a table to clear up. It only took about 5 minutes though, and we were seated on the deck outside. 


We ordered coffee to start, Jared had a mocha and I had a soy latte (I don’t tolerate dairy milk in coffees too well – I usually get almond/coconut milk lattes where possible, and soy if they’re not available). My coffee was great, the milk was deliciously creamy and the coffee itself delicious. Jared said his mocha was ok, but not sweet/chocolatey enough and wasn’t as nice as he’d hoped.




He seemed to forget all about it when the food came out though because it was all so good! He ordered the eggs benny which had: sourdough, local free range eggs, local smoked ham and hollandaise. 

I tasted it and the ham was delicious! Thickly sliced, slight smokey, decent serving and very tasty! There was nothing left on Jared’s plate when he was done with it. Always a sign of a good meal! 

I ordered the poached egg salad which had: local free range eggs, kale, mixed salad greens, wood fired corn, radish, seeds and matcha dressing.

The corn really stole the show for me. It was such a nice addition to the salad, so sweet and crunchy! I’m so angry that I haven’t thought to add it to my salads before! Everything in this salad worked so well, the delicious crunchy seeds, the perfectly poached eggs, the sweet corn… everything! I was so happy with my meal!




When we went inside to pay, I was confronted with so many amazing pastries and breads. And you all know that they are my biggest loves in life (after Jared and Severus of course… At least that’s what I tell them anyway!). We left with full bellies and a loaf of the Berry Sourdough. 



I’m so happy to be holding a loaf of bread! Some girls get excited over make up or handbags. Me? I get excited over bread! (It really is delicious though – we’ve been eating it for the last couple of days and I am going to be so sad when it finishes!).



We went for a little walk after brunch to help our food digest. I love Berry, it has such a country charm with it’s heritage buildings, green surroundings and I find that everyone moves a little slower and the town seems so relaxed. It’s a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city that I’m used to.




I stumbled across this ice creamery and inside they had a whole wall filled with lollies, candy and chocolate. Lucky I was still full from brunch, because I probably would’ve bought my weight in dark chocolate pretzels (my favourite “sweet” snack) and jersey caramels otherwise!



We then stopped in at IGA to get some lunch supplies: double smoked ham, salami, twiggy sticks and GF garlic and chive crackers (we still had brie, olive dip and guac leftover to add to it). $14 for lunch, couldn’t complain about that!



Our cottage was stocked with a few bottles of wine when we checked in, so when we got back we popped open a bottle of the Chambourcin, the wine that Lyrebird Ridge specialises in, and enjoyed it with lunch. It was our first time trying a Chambourcin, and it’s not like anything I’ve ever tasted before. The best way I can describe it, is it’s similar to a Pinot Noir… but not. I know, that’s much help but it really was unique. (When I chatted with Anne on Sunday, she too said she had a hard time describing it to others, so I didn’t feel too bad seeing as the wine maker also struggled haha!).

Let’s just say, it was incredibly easy to drink. Jared and I played card games after lunch, and sipped away on it. When Severus was napping, we took it outside and enjoyed the wine in the lovely fresh air and continued playing more games. It was so relaxing and a lot of fun. Before we knew it, that bottle was gone!




We decided to do some more exploring, and ended up on the hammocks. Jared loved the hammocks, we added it to the list of things we would like on our farm.



Why am I so ungraceful? Who goes into a hammock head first? I do, of course! Jared also thought it would be hilarious to push me really high and scare me. I had such a love/hate relationship with the hammock!



It’s hard to tell sometimes whether we’re closer to 30 tor 13 years old!


We worked up an appetite, so we came back in to cook dinner. I brought spelt pasta from home, so I just cooked that up and tossed it with leftover salami, cheese and twiggy sticks from lunch, added chopped lettuce and jalapeƱos (also from home) bad olive oil, salt and pepper from the pantry. YUM!


Jared also got the fire started while I was cooking! It took a couple of goes, but he got a great one going eventually! Not bad for his first attempt, not bad at all!


We put Severus’ bed in front of the fire and he was fascinated by it!


We then opened up a bottle of sauv blanc and continued playing more card games together for the rest of the night. How wonderful it was to not have any phones or internet!!

I’ll post our last day tomorrow! I’m dragging it out by day so that a) I don’t bombard you with a novel of a post and 300 photos in one go, and b) so I can relive it again a little each day and it helps with the post holiday depression.