Our stay at Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery and Retreat: Part 3 (ft. a stop in Berry!)

*Sigh. The last of our weekend snaps and I’m feeling a bit sad about it all. It just means we have to go back again though, doesn’t it? Sorry Greg and Anne, you can’t get rid of us that easily ;).

I got up at about 7am on Sunday to feed the rascal. He actually gave me a sleep in! He must have known I wanted to savour every cozy minute buried under a quilts and throws for as long as possible!

After feeding him, I got out… soft bread, butter and vegemite. I wasn’t lying when I said I couldn’t get enough!!


Not long after I finished, Jared woke up and we had coffee together in bed. I flicked through a couple of South Coast magazines and procrastinated getting out of bed again for as long as possible.

When we both got hungry (for me, hungry again), we decided to finally get up and get ready for the day. We packed up our stuff and did a big tidy up. Check out wasn’t until 11am, but we wanted to have time for breakfast and to relax before we had to leave.

For breakfast I made us scrambled eggs with the beautiful eggs from the resident chooks. Look at how yellow the yolks are! They also tasted amazing! Especially with some fresh herbs from the wheelbarrow outside our cottage! I had my toast with butter and more vegemite. I just couldn’t leave without having vegemite and butter one last time!





After doing the last of the washing up, we started packing the car and ran into Anne, the other half of the awesome duo that runs the winery. She had been away in Sydney for family things, and only got back late Saturday night. She was so lovely, and we had a great chat about our stay. 

She is the wine expert of the two, and she took us into the cellar to show us around. We learned a lot about their Chambourcin wine, how it’s made and every thing in  between. I love that they only make it on small scale, organically, with the help of friends and friendly and everything is still done by hand. It was both fascinating and incredibly inspiring. 

We ended up buying another bottle of Chambourcin (we thoroughly enjoyed it on Saturday) and also their brandied port which she let us taste there. I don’t think we’ve ever left a winery without purchasing at least one bottle! 

We said our good byes and told them we’d definitely be back again! VERY highly recommended to those who like peaceful spots, no reception, very friendly hosts, farm stays and wine!


On our way home, we took it easy on the bumpy roads leading out of the property because Severus got sick last time. I sat with him in the backseat, so we had plenty of space and air, and I didn’t put him in the carrier, I just held him for the trip. He was so well behaved and slept for 90% of the way home in my lap and didn’t get sick once! We also stopped a few times for about 5-10mins at a time to let him walk around the car, and use his kitty litter (which is like an enclosed kennel that we brought with us and had strapped in the back for easy use!). 

I also asked Jared to stop in Berry so I could grab us some coffee and lunch. And by lunch, I meant donuts. I’ve been wanting to try the donuts from The Famous Berry Donut Van for so long, and I finally got to on Sunday. It was everything I dreamed of and more. They make them fresh to order, and then covered in cinnamon and sugar. The smell was drool-worthy as I waited for my 2 donuts. 



I had the donuts for lunch, and brought back coffee and a pie for Jared because apparently “donuts aren’t lunch” (I know, I’m surprised we are still together after that comment). He also tried to tell me that chocolate iced donuts are better than plain cinnamon ones, so I made him have a bite and his silence upon tasting it was almost more delicious than the donut itself. My only regret was that I didn’t buy a dozen.

We got home and I couldn’t help but think about what a beautiful weekend we had together. It was a much needed getaway. We hadn’t had proper quality time together (without the distractions of technology and life in general) in quite some time and it was only when we went away that we realised just how much we missed each other’s company. It felt so good to reconnect as a couple again and I think you need that sometimes to remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

Also, this was probably our cheapest road trip we’ve ever taken. We didn’t go out to eat anywhere fancy and limited our outing to just that one brunch date, we brought a lot of our meals from home (and just topped up at IGA), and we didn’t go out and do lots of activities and instead drank wine and played cards and explored the property and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Cheesiness aside, I’m already planning another a phone-free/distraction-free getaway! A shorter one though, possibly just one night of camping somewhere. Do you have any recommendations on free and really awesome camping spots not within a couple of hours drive of Sydney? 

Hope you enjoyed my recaps of our weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for Chewy Apple & Muesli Biscuits!