Overcoming a Bad Run

How did I go from having a killer running week last week, to having such a terrible run to start this week?

I decided to run before work this morning, since daylight’s saving is over for us now and I can’t run after work as much because it’s usually dark by the time I get home. I just don’t like running first thing in the morning, I’m very much an afternoon/evening runner. I’ve eaten well all day, had plenty of water, and am usually itching to get my run on after sitting down all day at work.

When it’s early in the morning though, I only have enough appetite for my usual ACV, lemon and honey water and something small like a slice of toast (which is what I had). It’s not much fuel to work off. And the lack of coffee also means my I’m a total grouch

My mindset was all wrong even before I started running. I kept thinking all negative thoughts like: 

“This is going to be hard, I hate morning runs.”

“I’m tired/haven’t eaten enough/haven’t had enough water… this is going to be such a crap run.”

And because I let these thoughts brew before my run, by the time I got running, it was so much harder for me to try and think positively. For every positive thought I had, I had 3 negative ones that would overpower it.

“It’s so f*ing hot.” “I’m so tired.” “This is such a bad pace.” “This is a sh*t run.” “I’m so slow.” “I hate this!”

And you wouldn’t believe how many times I thought to myself:

“If I can’t even handle this small run, how am I going to finish the half marathon?”

It was really awful actually, to put myself down so much. Even as I read back what I’m writing, I am shocked at how horrible I was to myself. And that’s when I realised how much my mindset affects my running.

On Sunday when I did my 7km, all morning I was excited to get going. That was a morning run too. I ate the same things as today (I also had a coffee because we started later in the morning). I knew it was going to be a hard slog, but I really believed in myself and because I did, I knew it was going to be a good run and I knew I was going to finish it. The only thing that was different was my mindset.

Today I had nothing but negative things to tell myself before and during the run, and so it was a constant uphill battle to for my mind to convince my body to keep going. 

I’m reminded of the following quote:


Mindset = everything. You are right either way, so why not spend your days thinking that you can? That’s what I’m going to do tomorrow on my morning run (and every run thereafter)!

Before I go though, here is a bunch of quotes I found this morning which helped lift my spirits. I hope they cheer you up, like they did for me!








  1. The pick me up and reminder that I need after a rough start to the day. Thanks x

    1. I’m so glad that this post cheered you up! Sending love and positive vibes your way, you’ve got this :).

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