Packing For Our Trip!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week, but we have been crazy busy trying to organise things for our trip away. It’s now the eve of the day we leave for our trip and I finally have some time to fit in a quick blog post!

I’m not sure if I’ve filled you in on the details of the holiday yet, but Jared and I going to Laos for 9 days to meet up with my parents and my sister and her family who are all already there, plus all of my extended family from here, America and that live locally in Laos too. This will be the first time in so many years that we’ve all come together there, so it’s a pretty special event!

We’re also actually incredibly lucky that while we’re over there, not only will it be my birthday, but my cousin will also be getting married and my grandma will be throwing a big festival for her hometown all in the same week as well!

As this will also be Jared’s first ever trip overseas, we’re going to make the most of it and fit in a trip to Cambodia while we’re there! After our 9 days in in Laos, we’ll be spending 4 nights in Cambodia just the two of us! It’s all too exciting!!

Before I could get too excited today though, I had our packing to take care of. Yes, I know. Packing the day before a trip is probably not one of my finest ideas, but I managed to knock it over surprisingly quickly!

First thing I had to pack was a couple of Lao “sinh.” They’re traditional skirts that women wear often in Lao.  I own a few different types of them, which I save for trips to temples or special Lao occasions here in Australia. Mum asked me to bring a couple of silk ones to wear for the festival and any temple visits. 


I packed them into our suitcase, along with Jared’s new suit which he’ll be wearing to the wedding.


Next came Jared’s other clothes. My sister sent me a message today telling me not to bother with any jumpers or long sleeves. They’d had nothing but 30 degree days since getting there a week ago. So I packed two weeks worth of singlets, t-shirts and shorts for Jared. I like to roll up clothes and put them in the suit case that way, I find it fits so much more. Trust me! Look how much room is left?? Plus, if you’re a bit of organisation junkie, rolling them up also makes things look really neat, and for me that’s always a bonus!


Next up was my clothes, which really just consisted of summer dresses, denim shorts and loose fitting singlets. I also added a dress to wear to the wedding. A gorgeous beige satin dress I picked up for $45 (down from $79!!). Such a bargain!

This was all done in about 20 minutes, honestly! I just blasted some Wombats and rolled things up as I pulled them off our clothes rack or from our drawers. Next thing you know, I had finished and I wasn’t even halfway through my hour long playlist!










Next up was our toiletries. From L to R: Moogoo Tail Swat (a great deet free and natural insect repellent), Moogoo Cover Up Butter Cup SPF 15 (an all natural sunscreen), Moogoo Udder Cream (convenient sized natural moisturiser), Moogoo soap, Moogoo Oil Cleanser, my current favourite Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner and Moogoo Shampoo for Jared.


I just want to point out that I’m not being sponsored by Moogoo in any way shape or form, although it does seem that way due to the amount of their products in my photo. Truth is, I just love them! Both myself and Jared have sensitive skin. and their product range is just amazing. There’s no harsh or irritating ingredients used, and the fact that they have all natural sunscreen and insect repellent is just a bonus! There’s more info here if you’d like to have a look!

Most of these products were brand new and still sealed so I didn’t have to do much to pack them. I wound down and locked the Moogoo shampoo which wasn’t new, put the Moogoo soap in a plastic clip box, the Moogoo Oil Cleanser  in a small travel dropper bottlev and taped up the Klorane products. I then put them all into snap lock bags just in case they leaked, and also to keep them together.




Next up was our carry on toiletries/necessities. From L to R: A book, our passports and forms, toothbrushes (missing our toothpaste as we had to get a travel sized one this afternoon), Chimes mango ginger chews (just in case either feels a bit airsick), Kiwiherb calendula ointment (a natural antiseptic cream for any bites/grazes/scratches etc), hair wax, Wotnot organic facial wipes (to use in place of my oil cleanser on the plane and to keep my face clean in the tropical heat), hair ties, a mini organic hand sanitizer spray, Every Bit Organic Raw Organic Jojoba Oil (what I use for face cream), lavender oil (I dab some on  my temples when I’ve got a head ache or am feeling anxious), Hurraw lip balm, my reading glasses, my crystal deodorant stick, a couple of lipsticks, mascara, eyebrow  pencil, Pure liquid eyeliner, a tinted sunscreen (the closest I ever come to wearing foundation) and some band aids because I’m a klutz.


This will come with me onto the plane, and the ginger chews, calendula ointment, wipes, hand sanitizer, lavender oil, lip balm and band aids will probably be hand bag staples when we’re out on the road too. 

For our carry on bag, I also packed in there our shoes, chargers and it will also be where my laptop will be going after I finish up here! I also packed a spare carry on bag inside that bag, just in case we go crazy with our shopping over there! Also, we picked up this set of luggage including a small toiletries bag for $50 at Kmart! Yet another bargain!!


I then spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment, emptying our fridge and then dropping off our keys to our good friends. They’ll be watering our plants and looking after our place while we’re away!

It’s 10:30pm now, and we’ve gotta be up at 5:30am tomorrow to get ready for our flight. I’m nervous, excited and tired all at the same time!! Think I’ll try to relax next to Jared on the couch to try and calm my nerves before tomorrow!

Adios for now! Hopefully the next time I post, I’ll be eating my way through Laos or Cambodia!