Banana Spelt Bread | Wheat Free, White Sugar Free

I feel like I’m finally getting my baking mojo back. I go through phases with my baking, and recently I’ve been doing very little of it. Part of it is because I just haven’t had much time. I’ve been so busy with work and life in general that my cooking has been pretty simple latelyRead more


Fig, Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls

Look, I’ll be honest. When it comes to making bliss balls, I do prefer recipes that don’t need a food processor (like these NO BLEND ones here), because anytime I don’t have to wash up the food processor is a good time. But occasionally, I like to mix things up (literally) and use dried fruits,Read more


Love Your Guts Part Three: An Intro to the Microbiome

This week we’re delving right down into the microbiome, which is the vast and incredible world that lives mostly in your small intestine. It’s a big, big topic, and we will cover it over a few weeks (and even then, I feel like we’d really only be touching on the surface of it all!). ButRead more