Banana and hazelnut loaf

Banana & Hazelnut Loaf

Procrastibaking – the art of busying yourself in the kitchen making baked goods whilst completely avoiding more important tasks at hand (for eg. end of trimester assessments).  Confession time. Yes, I’m a procrastibaker. And no, I’m not sorry for it. I embrace it actually. For some mysterious and slightly coincidental reason, whenever I need toRead more

Irish soda bread

Rosemary & Garlic Irish Soda Bread

Baking bread is one of those things I’ve always to tackle, but I’ve always felt so intimidated by the thought. Kneading, proofing, making starters… It all seemed a bit overwhelming.  But then I discovered Irish Soda Bread. It’s basically just bread that uses buttermilk and baking soda as the rising agent instead of yeast. There’sRead more

One Dish Away

Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog everyone! My name is Laura, and I’m the writer and creator of One Dish Away. Most of you probably already know me from my old blog The Healthy Little Hippie, but for those of you that don’t, I took some time to write up a littleRead more