Rice & Feta Stuffed Veggies

Weekday wonders. It’s got a ring to it, right? A collection of simple and nutritious recipes to turn to during the week when you’re pressed for time, tired, lazy or all of the above. This month I’ve taken on more shifts at work (actually, to be exact I’ve taken up all of them to coverRead more

2014 Recap & 2015 Goal Setting

First lesson of 2015: Start of the year posts are hard. I’ve started, re-written and deleted so many drafts I’ve lost count. It’s weird you know? As a blogger you feel that constant pressure to write well, have depth, be witty, captivate an audience, inform, entertain and interest people.  And all the while, make sureRead more

Make Your Own Seedling Pots!

Oops. It’s been weeks since I’ve posted. I had a few very valid excuses though. We had our big move, I turned the big 2-5 (which means I’m due for a quarter life crisis soon) and I had my end of trimester assignments to somehow scavenge together as well. Between all these I had aRead more