Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean Soup

Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean SoupAfter my post yesterday, I have been feeling nothing but inspired! I am currently bursting with cooking ideas and recipes to try out, I feel like I have my groove back!

Last night I made us a really nourishing veggie packed soup, which was a perfect Meat Free Monday dish. It was extremely easy to make, and it made enough for both of us to have for lunch today. I think soups are one of those things that taste even better the next day, it’s like the flavours have infused into the soup even more overnight!11I love the brussels sprouts in this soup. I don’t know why they have such a bad name! My favourite way to have them is roasted with diced bacon, and now I have to say my second favourite way is in a soup. They taste like mini cabbages, and I love cabbage! All I did to prep them for soup is slice off the stem, peel away any old outer leaves and halve them.12The other veggies I used were just diced roughly., nothing fancy or complicated about it. I actually did it all while watching old episodes of Would I Lie to You on youtube (yes, I am a massive fan of it and end up in fits of giggles in every episode).Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean SoupI sautéed the onion and garlic in a large pot and added some smokey paprika to give it a bit of a kick. 14 15After adding in the veggies, I poured in the stock and organic beans I bought yesterday, and some organic diced tomatoes. I always make sure I drain and rinse tinned beans before using though, to remove any excess salt/sugar that used to  preserve it. You can always use dried beans, but it require pre-soaking overnight and longer cooking time. And to be honest. I had forgotten to soak beans so this was the easiest option for me!16Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean SoupI simmered it for half an hour, and served it atop some cooked jasmine rice we had sitting in the fridge. But you can always have it on brown rice, or add some pasta spirals or broken up spaghetti and add it in at the 20 minute mark and turn the heat up to medium for the remaining 10 minutes.

I also made us some gluten free grilled cheese toast (exactly like yesterdays) for soup dipping purposes! So, so good!Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean SoupPumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean Soup Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean SoupI’m about to warm some up now for lunch, I’m excited!

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