Pumpkin & Red Lentil Soup – Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian

Hey there lovelies! How are you all this fine Wednesday? I don’t know about you, but it was definitely hard for me to get the motivation to leave my warm bed this morning. Severus was up at 5:30am this morning, the little rascal. He wouldn’t stop nudging the both of us until one of us fed him. Jared eventually gave in after hearing my muffled pleas from underneath the covers.

He fed him and then ended up curling back up on the couch with our crocheted throw. I got up with all intentions of getting breakfast sorted, saw him and joined him on the couch for half an hour. Warm couch cuddles are the best.

I guess you can tell I don’t like cold weather, unless I get to hibernate under a blanket sipping on tea all day (which unfortunately wasn’t the case this morning). But what I do enjoy in the cooler months is comfort food and winter veggies! In the warmer months, I try and enjoy salads and other “summery” meals, but soups, stews, pies and pasta bakes are where my heart (and stomach) truly belongs!

I was so excited to see this things like potatoes and pumpkins appearing in my weekly organic produce box again! On Sunday, I had to do some meal prep for the week, but I was feeling pretty lazy, I won’t lie. Jared and I stayed up way past my bedtime on Saturday night watching movies and drinking (probably too much) red wine together. So Sunday was all about vegging out and basically doing as little as possible. 

Therefore, soup was the best option for my lazy mood. That’s what I love about soups though, they’re so good for you, but so easy to make. There’s so little effort involved and most of the time it’s just cooking away without you needing to be in the kitchen watching over it.


All I did was sauté 2 onions and 4 cloves of garlic in some organic butter until it was softened and deliciously fragrant. Then I added in a kilo of roughly chopped pumpkin, 3/4 cup red lentils, a tin of coconut milk, 1 and half cups of veggie stock, some curry powder, turmeric and lots of Himalayan salt and cracked pepper and brought it to the boil, before turning it back down to a gentle simmer and letting it bubble away for about 25mins.





When it was done, I just whizzed it all up with a hand blender and… that was it! Make sure you taste it again after you’ve blended it to see if it needs any extra salt/pepper/spices. 



My two favourite ways to have this is by toasting some sourdough and melting cheese over the top, before dipping it in. I also love to use it as a “pasta sauce” and stir some cooked pasta into it.

We had it both ways this week and I’m still unsure which I like best! Guess I’ll just to keep trialling it until I figure it out ;).

I hope you enjoy the recipe! And remember that if you end up making this recipe yourself, please post a photo, as I’d love to see your recreation of it!! Feel free to post it on my Facebook page or if you’re posting it on Instagram, tag me and add #onedishaway (that part is important, sometimes I get influxes of notifications at a time and I miss it, and the hashtag lets me scroll through and find it later on). Don’t have social media? Email me your creations to onedishaway@hotmail.com. I would love to share your snaps right here on the blog! :)

Questions for you!

  • Are you more of a summer or winter food person? 
  • What’s your favourite comfort food? I have too many to list. I love anything to do with soups, stews, slow cookers and pasta. Winter foods are my favourite!!



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  1. I’m a big fan of winter food! When it starts to get cold we love to do ‘slow cooked Sunday’ where we make a delish soup or stew and have with sourdough. So good!!

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