Pumpkin Scones

pumpkin sconesOk, confession. When I made the Chia Seed Jam the other day, I did with it with one thing in mind… Scones. Delicious, fruity jam spread in warm scones. The thought is enough to get anyone excited, right? So promptly after my jam set, I got myself back in the kitchen and whipped together these Pumpkin Scones.

I’ve never made scones before, so I was surprised that these were even edible, let alone  delicious. We got some pumpkin in last weeks veggie order that I’ve been saving to use for something special, as it is probably the last we’ll get for a while now that Spring has arrived.  And these scones seemed like a perfect excuse to do just that.

I steamed it up in my bamboo steamer, but you can of course just boil, roast or steam it however you prefer. I also used a mix of oat and wholemeal flour, which meant the scones were a little denser than your traditional fluffy white flour based scones, but they were still nice in their own way. 

pumpkin scones pumpkin sconespumpkin sconespumpkin sconespumpkin sconespumpkin sconespumpkin sconespumpkin scones

A couple of things to note when making these:

1. The dough is pretty sticky. I started off stirring it all with a wooden spoon, but gave up after a couple of seconds. It’s far easier to just bring it all together gently with your hands.

2. In my recipe, I note that it makes 8 scones and I only have 7 pictured. That’s because I used a glass (yes, another one of my boyfriends drinking glasses again – I can’t help it if they make great props!) that’s slightly larger than your standard drinking glass or round cookie cutter. You will most likely get 8 if used something smaller than me.

3. Remember to dust your glass/cookie cutter between each scone. It helps with the sticking!

4. It doesn’t rise very much, so don’t expect it to. BUT, it is still deliciously soft and moist in the middle so don’t worry that it won’t be delicious. It will be!pumpkin sconespumpkin sconesI didn’t even wait for them to cool. I cut them open while they were still warm, spread them with butter and chia seed jam and let myself go to scone heaven. pumpkin scones pumpkin sconesI have just a little more steamed pumpkin left, and I’m torn whether to make more scones or attempt some pumpkin and zucchini muffins. Oh, the tough decisions in life!


Laura xo.

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