Quick Catch Up Post!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been weeks since my last post, but I promise I have so many recipes, lifestyle tips and (most importantly) some awesome holiday pics to share with you all in the coming weeks! Before I do though, I just wanted to catch you all up on what’s been going on lately.

As most of you know, we left on the 18th November for our 2 week trip to Laos and Cambodia. We had an absolute blast, and because it was our first trip overseas together, we definitely learnt a lot of travelling do’s and don’t’s. Sure it would’ve been handy to know these things before we left, but then I wouldn’t have all these mistakes to share with you all now, would I? I’ll be doing my own little guide to share with you all soon, so that you don’t make the same mistakes as us! (And let’s be honest, it will be a guide for myself to refer back to as well for next time, because knowing me I’ll probably forget it all if I don’t write it down!).

When we got back on Wednesday 2nd, I actually started to feel a bit unwell. I put it down to our long trip home (we had an 11 hour stop over and a delayed flight, so it took us almost 24 hours to get home), but I continued to get progressively worse. I went to the doctors on Saturday where I was put on antibiotics, but even still, I got worse. Last Wednesday I came down with a fever and couldn’t get out of bed. Thursday I attempted to go to work, but my boss sent me straight to my doctor because I was so unwell.

Because of my fever and my recent travel, my doctor thought there may have been a chance that I had malaria or dengue fever. This is when I started to get worried. It’s quite scary to hear those things. He sent me to the hospital that afternoon to get some tests done. Once there, I had another fever and my blood pressure dropped. They took a number of blood samples to test for various things and I was told I would be there for a minimum of 1-2 nights. They gave me a probable diagnosis of kidney infection, but I wouldn’t get my test results until the next day, so nothing could be ruled out or confirmed yet at that point. 

Jared stayed with me until 9pm, then he had to leave as visiting hours were over. Not long after he left, my blood pressure dropped quite drastically and it became quite chaotic in my hospital room. I actually felt fine, but the doctors swarmed in anyway to make sure I was ok. It became a blur, with one doctor on one side of me doing an ultrasound on my heart (because they found a murmur) while I had someone else on the other side sticking wires onto me to get an EKG. All this while being surrounded by a team of people watching over me. It was a bit scary, but a nurse there (who I got to friends with by the end of it all) comforted me and made sure to keep me smiling through it all.

After a little while, my blood pressure came back to a safer range and I was left alone to rest. I had a fever again overnight, and didn’t sleep much at all and the overnight staff had to keep checking up on me every hour. I had a constant IV of fluids to keep me hydrated, with the occasional paracetamol in it to try and bring my fever down.

The next day Jared was at work and couldn’t come by until 5pm, so I was alone until then. I thankfully had phone calls from my sister and girlfriend to keep my spirits up. I was trying to stay positive, but it gets hard to sometimes when you’re alone in a hospital and no one knows what’s wrong with you.

By the afternoon, I had a team of specialists come to see me and give me a diagnosis. I didn’t have malaria or dengue fever (thank god!), but I did have quite a resistant strain of bacteria infecting my kidneys (which they think I could have picked up sometime on travels) and that’s why the regular antibiotics from my doctor weren’t working. I needed a stronger one taken intravenously. I was also told I would be there for at least another two nights to receive treatment. 

The rest of the weekend was spent in my hospital bed, slowly recovering. I felt quite weak and light headed most of the time and I had  fever every few hours, so I wasn’t allowed to walk around. Jared was there with me as much as the visiting hours would allow, and the nurses kept me company in the time where he couldn’t. A couple of my friends also came to visit (bringing gifts of fruit salad and yoghurt, which is all I wanted to cool me down!), which was really nice. And by Sunday lunch time, I was given the all clear and I was sent home with some oral antibiotics.

I spent Sunday and Monday resting at home, and have been back at work since yesterday. I’ve been looking after myself with nourishing home cooked meals, loads of water, plenty of sleep, taking herbal supplement to get my immune system back up, taking probiotics to help restore my gut flora after so much antibiotics. I’m starting to feel more and more like my healthy self again!

So I do apologise in the lack of posts, but I’ll be back into again soon, promise! And thank you for all your well wishes on my Instagram account, it was really heart warming to read them all!

Big love,

Laura x