Roasted Red Pepper + Chickpea Pasta Salad | Vegetarian, Gluten-Free

Have you ever walked through the middle aisle of an Aldi store? You know, that aisle that has tables and tables filled with incredibly random things that make you wonder why on earth they’re there, but also that you might also somehow need it. Spare washer/dryer? Chainsaw? Motorbike helmet? Sure, I’ll have a look!

I am grateful to say that this Monday’s trip didn’t see me buying any of those items.. but I did buy a 2kg jar of roasted red peppers (or capsicums for us Australians). As soon as I saw it, I turned to Jared and asked, “Do we need a bulk jar of peppers?” He looked at me quizzically, struggling to hold a jar that was larger than my head and asked me back, “Does anyone actually need that?” I answered by promptly putting it in our box of groceries. 

Now that you know the backstory to the peppers, shall we move on to the recipe?

Roasted Red Pepper + Chickpea Pasta Salad

After purchasing these, I knew exactly how I wanted to enjoy them first. And that was stirred through some pasta, with loads of greens and a generous serving of goats feta (I’m currently in a goats cheese phase at the moment – it’s so tasty and I’m finding it’s easier on the digestive system than a lot of dairy cheeses for me!).

The prep for this couldn’t have been more simple. I just cooked some pasta and tossed it through with the other ingredients. The pasta I used was the penne from the new pulse range from San Remo I found at IGA on Monday, which is made entirely of beans and legumes. How awesome is that? So if you’re looking at something naturally grain and gluten free, this is a pretty good option at less than $4 a box. It has a slightly nutty flavour, but holds it’s shape well after cooking (something that’s hard to find in a GF pasta). We’re not GF in this household, but it’s nice to know that there are so many great, tasty and affordable options out there for those that are!

Roasted Red Pepper + Chickpea Pasta Salad

To the pasta I added the roasted peppers, spinach and rocket mix and a tin of drained and rinsed organic chickpeas and a good drizzle of salad dressing made from three ingredients: balsamic vinegar, honey and extra virgin olive oil. I tossed it all to combine, and topped it with diced avocado and goats feta. Bliss. Just bliss.

Roasted Red Pepper + Chickpea Pasta Salad 

This makes a nice, family sized serving, so it’s great to split up as lunches for a few days or would make a great addition to any party or BBQ spread! (If you’re going to make it a day in advance though, I would recommend not putting on the avocado and cheese until the day of the event to keep it all as fresh as possible).

If you try this recipe (which you really, really should), let me know! Better yet, tag me in your photo on Instagram so I can see it and share!

Enjoy lovelies!


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