Jamaican Me Hungry: A Review of Rooftop Reggae Sundays @ Kings Cross Hotel

I worked 53 hours last week. 53 hours. I was in serious need of a treat on Sunday. So while Jared was at work, I shamelessly indulged in Brad Pitt movies as I pampered myself for our little date that night.

I’d been invited to check out a Rooftop Reggae event which is held at Kings Cross Hotel every Sunday and so we decided to go there for our date night as a great chance to do something that was a little different and interesting.

When we got there, I instantly fell in love with the setting. Think decorative bird cages, hanging lanterns and fairy lights, cosy outdoor furniture, bright cushions and big potted plants. And to top it all off, it had a lovely view over Kings Cross and the infamous Coke sign.

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The event starts at 5pm every Sunday, and we got there just on 5 so we were the only people there. I was worried that it would stay that  way, but I was assured by the nice bartender that it sometimes starts a bit slow but will fill up soon. He wasn’t wrong. I had to run downstairs and across the road to withdraw some cash, and by the time I got back, there was at least 10 more people that had turned up. We had a look at the special cocktail menu they had especially for the night and saw that they all had rum in them to go with the Jamiacan theme. I love rum. At this point I was certain I was going to have a good time. We tried all 4, and they were all delicious in their own way. My favourite though was the one with pomegranate and lime. So refreshing! Jared liked the spiced Mai Tai best. But honestly, they were all great and were far too easy to drink.

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We also tried the sangria jug. It was slightly sweeter than what I’m used to, but still really nice! And like the cocktails, it went down a treat.

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I also must tell you that by our second cocktails, there was this delicious smell filling the air around us. Jamaican BBQ. Yep. Jamaican BBQ. They had a choice of chicken, pork or salmon all rubbed in Jamaican jerk spices, grilled on the BBQ fresh to order and then placed on a grilled bun which was filled with pineapple coleslaw and topped with mayo and Jamaican BBQ sauce. SO GOOD. I got the chicken and it was so incredibly juicy. The flavours were just so on point. Jared got the salmon and it was cooked perfectly, still lovely and pink in the middle. At just $8 a pop, they were seriously a steal!


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We spent the rest of the date watching the sky darken, the rooftop lanterns light up and listening to the cruisy reggae tunes as we chatted away.

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Jared actually said to me during the night that he was so glad we came. He had never really listened to reggae music previously, but he really enjoyed himself which had come as a big surprise to him. And I really, really enjoyed myself too. It wasn’t a fancy date by any means, but to be able to relax in a funky little place filled with such chilled vibes, cheap food and delicious drinks… I couldn’t have asked for a better way to treat ourselves that Sunday. I highly recommend it for anyone that’s looking to unwind or for a cool new spot to have your Sunday session! Make sure you check it out before it goes!

If we already didn’t have plans for next Sunday, that’s definitely where you’d find us again!


Laura x