Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry

It’s Tuesday and I should’ve been at college today, but I honestly just did not want to go today. We only had a couple of morning classes today, so I didn’t feel too bad about it. And hey, I’m only human after all. And some days, it is a struggle to get out of bed and go do responsible adult things. Today was one of those days. So I decided to stay at home and cook (and unfortunately do assignments as well) instead.

I started my day with the unpacking of my organic produce delivery from Ooooby, a mug of coffee, a couple of slices of my Paleo Pumpkin Bread grilled then topped with a couple of organic eggies, cracked pepper and tamari. So simple, but so good! And it gave me the energy to get through some assignment writing. (Also – I’m currently in love with my laptop wallpaper.  Jared looks so-damn-handsome, don’t ya think?)101 2After that I decided to go for a nice walk and grab some things to recipe test for an upcoming project I’m working on. It ended up being an easy 5km round trip, so I got in a bit of exercise and I got to pass my favourite fence. Yes, fence. It belongs to this house that looks possibly abandoned/definitely haunted, and is covered in gorgeous old vines. I’m not sure why I love it so much. Maybe it’s because it’s kind of like Mother Nature really doesn’t give a sh*t that there’s a fence there, she’ll do what she likes. She’s so rebellious, as always.3 4So. That was all nice and everything was going well until I got back home and the recipe testing started. It was for a Thai green curry paste – all from scratch. Having never made it before, I’m not sure why I thought it would turn out perfect on my first go. And of course it didn’t go right. There was a couple of mishaps during the process and the perfectionist in me got frustrated. Very frustrated. Then things kind of started to snow ball after that. Everything started to annoy me. Tiny, insignificant things like stepping on food I’d dropped on the floor, the tap spraying water on my pants, the sink was too full with dishes needing to be washed… You know, that kinda stuff. To calm myself back down, I cleaned everything up so there was no more mess to annoy me with. Then I popped the curry paste, some chicken, veggies and coconut milk in the slow cooker and practically forgot all about my tantrum.

By the time I had done all this though, it was half past 3 and I hadn’t even eaten lunch yet. Lucky I had soaked some dried shiitake mushrooms an hour prior and they were ready to be cooked! I love shiitakes. They are my absolute favourite fungi. I crave them like people crave ice cream, chocolate or a good steak. I know, I’m weird. But that’s ok with me!Shiitake stir fryShiitakes are great nutritionally too, so that’s a big bonus. They’re a fabulous source of plant-sourced B vitamins, Vitamin D and iron and they help boost your immune system. Little nutritional powerhouses, they are!

I just removed any tough stems, cut them in half and stir fried them with some of the soaking water, snow peas, onion, tamari and oyster sauce and served it up with some gluten free, organic mung bean noodles. Bliss!! I made enough to have for lunch tomorrow… Then something happened and my lunch went missing and I suddenly was very full, haha! Worth it. Totally worth it!Shiitake stir fry Shiitake stir fry Shiitake stir fry Shiitake stir fryI think this would taste even better with a medley of mushrooms, like enoki and oyster. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing next time!

For now though, I’m off to spend some quality couch time with Jared. We’re both super stuffed from dinner, which by the way, was really good. I don’t know why I had such a tantrum about it earlier, because it didn’t taste anywhere near as bad as I thought it would! Means I’ll just have to make it again and actually record it for my upcoming project. Ahh well, the challenges of being a perfectionist I guess. Any other perfectionists out there like me? What are you completely nit-picky about? For me, it’s just my cooking. Would love to hear from others about theirs!

Oh, and just before I go – Jared just asked me, “why do I feel so good?” I’m going to take that as a sign that our mini detox is going is just ace for him!

Goodnight all!

Laura x

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