Since We Last Spoke

When I said late last year that I’d still be blogging regularly on here, I think I may have greatly underestimated just how big my workload was (welcome to my life!). But I really do want to start blogging here 1-2 times a week again! I was crazy to think I could juggle it all last year when I was so busy already, but 1-2 posts seems a lot more achievable now that things have settled down a little over the Christmas/New Years break.

I really have missed this little piece of cyberspace. As much as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working over on The NutriZENists, I’ve missed having something that is just my own to write, create, share and ramble on. So thank you for sticking by me even when I’ve neglected this blog for close to two months, you guys are the real MVP’s.

As it’s been a while since my last update, I thought it would be fun to catch you all up on what’s been happening in my life recently and what I have planned for this year!


I am now in my third term of my degree (Bachelor of Health Science – Comp Medicine) and neck deep in Chemistry and Biochem work. Science was never my strong subject in school, I always preferred the artsy subjects, English (you’d never guess from my love of writing) or exploring the interesting ancient worlds in Ancient History. I actually dropped all science subjects as soon as it wasn’t mandatory for me, so when I first revisited it in college a few years ago during my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine course, it was quite the challenge. This time round though, I feel like it’s not all such a foreign subject and I’m grasping concepts and theories much quicker. It’s still very much a challenge of course (can’t we just get straight to the fun stuff already?), but I know it will all be worthwhile!

(This is my new favourite spot to work at the moment. I have a desk set up, but it’s so hot in our room that I prefer to just sit in the balcony doorway on a big cushion, watch the lectures from my laptop propped on the chair and enjoy the nice summer breeze!)


I’m still working 9-5 in my office job, BUT I’ve been working on a couple of things outside of this role to hopefully set me up for a new career journey sometime in the future!

As most of you already know, I’ve teamed up with Nanci on our joint project The NutriZENists. It’s been going really well, and it feels really-bloody-amazing to be working on something that means so much to the both of us. We have really enjoyed connecting with people, creating content for the website and growing our little community. We are hoping to do some big things this year – events, expos, talks and group consults! If you’re interested in hiring us, more information can be found HERE. Otherwise, please still free to join us on Facebook, Instagram or just come have a read on the blog where we post a few times a week!

The other thing I’ve been working on behind the scenes, is my own personal and professional development so that I can finally start practicing as a nutritionist! I’m really,  REALLY excited you guys! I actually finished my course back in May 2015, but I was simply too scared to jump straight into consultations. But this year, I’ve decided to push those fears aside, and I’ve been getting everything together so I can get my full registration and insurance as a practitioner. The only thing I have left to do is update my First Aid Certificate this weekend, and I’m all good to go!

**If you live in Sydney and would like to come see me for a consult, I will be available VERY SOON. Please feel free to email me on for further info on the sessions and pricing structure! Eeeep, so excited to just be able to say that!**



We didn’t get the chance to do much traveling last year, but this year is a bit of a busy year travel wise for us so it definitely makes up for it! Kicking things off, I’m heading on my very first solo overseas trip next month to Thailand! I’ll be there for just over a week, where I’ll be spending most of my time at this amazing looking yoga retreat. After such a busy end to the year, I’m really looking forward to unwinding and getting some much needed R & R time! Then for the Easter weekend, we’ll be heading off on a little road trip for a few days (Severus included!) for Jared’s birthday. Then in October Jared and I will be heading to Vegas for a friend’s wedding and we’re beyond excited for that! We’re also hoping to take some extra time off to travel around the U.S for a week before it and a week after it as well. AND somehow in the midst of all the other things happening this year, we’re planning our biggest trip yet… but I can’t say too much yet as we haven’t finalised anything and I don’t want to jinx it. As soon as we are sure about it though, I will definitely share the news!

(Photos from our last overseas trip to Laos and Cambodia in 2015!)

Life in General

Still happily spending my days with Jared, it’s been a little over 5 years now and I still love doing this whole life thing with him! Severus is now a year old and is becoming a big, handsome cat, and no longer the tiny little kitten we brought home last year. Still a major pest at times though, but man do we love him. He’s the first cat I’ve ever owned, and he has well and truly stolen my heart, the little fur ball!

And that’s it, really! If I’ve missed out on updating you on anything, please ask away!

I’m going to be doing a post later this week on the NutriZENists where I dig a little deeper and share some more personal goals for the year if you’d like to come check it out. I’d love for you to join in and share yours too, so stay tuned for that post!

Thanks again for still supporting this little blog of mine, big love to you all!



  1. Hiiiiiiiii!I’ve missed you! So glad you’re doing well 😊

    1. Oh hiiii lovely! You’re so sweet, I’ve really missed being on here! Definitely going to try and make a more regular appearance on here now xx

  2. I’ve missed reading your blog posts, so glad to hear that you’ve been doing well. Can’t wait for the next post :)

    1. That’s so lovely to hear that I was missed! I have definitely missed being here! Hope to be blogging more often now :)

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