Slow Saturdays & The Surry Hills Festival

As much I love catching up with family and friends and doing the whole socialising thing, I also secretly love weekends where we have no plans whatsoever. During this time of year, it seems that these weekends are few and far between, so when they happen it’s even more of a treat!

Yesterday I let Jared sleep while I blogged about our dinner on Friday from the comfort of our bed. Then I woke him up so he could make us coffee while I cooked us up a delicious breakfast. I had bought some croissants from Pattisons Patisserie on Friday afternoon for us to try out, as I’d been eyeing them off for the last few weeks. Happy to say they did not disappoint. They were deliciously flakey and buttery, all the things you could want in a croissant. I halved them, added some pancetta and brie and popped them under the grill/broiler until the cheese was all oozey and the pancetta all crispy.



I then put the halves back on and put them under again for just another minute so it was warm and slightly toasty. I served them with a makeshift fruit salad of mangoes and strawberries. I managed to pick up a tray of mangoes for just $13 the other day!! I can’t wait until it’s summer and I can get trays twice this size for $10! For now though, this tray will do just nicely.



We enjoyed this breakfast on the balcony, with coffee and a cool breeze. It was so nice and relaxing, knowing we didn’t have to be anywhere or meet any deadlines all day. For the rest of the day, we lit incense, listened to the radio, sipped on wine and just slowly pottered about doing some housework we needed to catch up on. 

After it was all done, we decided to treat ourselves by heading out for a few hours. The Surry Hills Festival was on and so we decided to head there for a bite to eat. It was a bit cold and windy, but it was nice to still get out of the apartment.






There were so many great looking food stalls, but as soon as I spotted Happy As Larry, I forgot about the rest! 


Happy As Larry is a food truck I’ve been wanting to try out for so long. They operate out of an upcylced shipping container, make their own pizza dough from scratch and fire it up in their stone oven while you wait. I’ve seen them pop up on so many foodie pages, and their pizzas have always gotten great reviews. I was so excited to finally get a chance to try them out. 



Like, really excited. Obviously, judging from these photos, haha! I felt like a kid at a candy store.



Jared was also excited. He got the smoked trout, which had cream cheese, capers, rocket, spanish onion and ocean trout. I didn’t even get a chance to taste it before he inhaled it!



I got the Bianca, which had flore di late, basil, sliced garlic, parmesan and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It was amazing. The dough was the perfect mix of soft and chewy, and it was the perfect portion size to enjoy by yourself. I think I’m going to hunt them down on our next free weekend to try their other pizzas flavours too, because I’m officially hooked!


We ate them on the ground and watched the band play. They were a family band called The Digs, and they played country music. It’s not the type of music either of us listen to, but they were hilarious, entertaining and somehow managed to convert us. We really enjoyed it, and so did the crowd. It actually started to rain towards the last of their set, but people still stayed to watch and dance along. There was such a great vibe, that you almost forgot it was terrible weather out!



We left when the rain got too heavy and escaped to the Shakespeare Hotel. A live band was playing there, we ordered a bottle of red and warmed up in there until the rain stopped long enough for us to walk back to the station and head home.

We actually had all intentions of staying out, but the idea of bed and warm clothes seemed too enticing. We were home by 9:30, and in our PJ’s, eating Indian (that we spontaneously ordered), rugged up and watching YouTube videos by 10pm. I actually couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night. I’m so glad we went home early! It’s really the small things, huh?

Today is pretty much the same as yesterday, slow and relaxing. I plan to spend my day cooking, looking on pinterest for home deco ideas, and doing a little self pamper session. Why not, right?

I hope your weekend has been enjoyable, lovelies!

Laura x