Running Update: Do You Prefer Speed or Distance?

Ok, so half marathon is just over 5 months away and I’m actually feeling pretty good about it! I’ve stopped using the MyAsic’s training plan for now. This is simply because I skipped out on a couple of weeks of training with it a while ago and it’s put me behind the training program. So I’m taking it easy and slowly working up my distance on my own and listening to my body. I’m still using it a distance/time tracker, but I don’t know yet if/when I’ll rejoin the program. 

Last week I was really happy to knock out 7.1km on the Bay Run course. That was my longest run to date, and then I followed that with a terrible run on Tuesday. The rest of the week was great though! I did a 4.1km run on Thursday night with an average pace of 7:20min/km. I wanted to run for 5km, but it was so dark by the time I got home from work that I just didn’t have the guts to. Even though we live in a pretty good neighbourhood, I was constantly looking over my shoulder every two seconds because I’m just a pansy like that. Jared offered to come with me if I need to run at night now, so that will be much better! I’ll let you know how that goes!

I didn’t get a run in on Friday and Saturday because we were busy with Jared’s family, but I was itching to go by Sunday. I love doing my long runs on Sunday. It always puts me in such a good mood for the start of the week. 

It’s totally normal to take a sweaty post-run selfie right?


I got a new distance PB of 7.5km! My average pace was 7:45min/km, which was much slower than last weeks long run, but I was more happy about being able to go further. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a very fast runner, or be a hardcore “racer” in an event. At least not anytime soon. But I do love the feeling of pushing myself to get to new, longer distances and find much more happiness in that. And I’m happy to be working on that for now. Maybe once I reach my goal distance of 21km (and maybe even 42km next year!), I’ll start focusing on my speed. But right now, I’m all about the distance!

The rest of the week’s schedule:

Tonight (Tuesday): Weights – Legs and core (I missed last week – oops!)

Wednesday: 4km at an average pace of less than 7:30min

Thursday: 6km run at a comfortable pace

Friday: 4km at an average pace of less than 7:30min

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 9km run at a comfortable pace

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good running week!

Also, how awesome is this? Jared is now enjoying running, yay!! I’ve converted him! Since our run last week, he’s been loving it. Yesterday he sent me this screenshot. He had to get toothpaste, and instead of driving to the shops, he simply ran there and back. 8.34km is a solid effort, even if there was a break in there! Oh, and the time for this run was wrong. He forgot  to turn it off when he was at the shops and when he got home because he was so distracted by the thought of a cold shower, haha! For someone who never cared for distance running, he’s killing it! It’s those footballer legs of him I tell ya! Next stop, half marathon! Ok, so I haven’t convinced him yet, but believe me when I say I’m working on it!


I did however, stumble across this 10km run that’s on in July! Looks like a fun course, and it would give me a chance to see what it’s like to run through the city as the half marathon is based in the city too. Plus, it will give me a practice run of what race days are like! WHO’S WITH ME? We can meet up for coffee and unlimited pastries somewhere afterwards ;).

Picture of the course taken from the website!


Also, I saw this recently and giggled. It’s SO true!



Questions for you!

  • Do you prefer aiming for speed or distance or BOTH? Distance for me, definitely!
  • What’s your favourite aspect of running? I have too many myself, but one of them is the sense of achievement I feel for knocking out a good run. Whether it be that I was lazy but I managed to still drag my ass out there and run, or if I was able to hit a new PB. Nothing beats that feeling!



2 thoughts on “Running Update: Do You Prefer Speed or Distance?

  1. I prefer distance for sure! Though my happy place is a 5km run and my races are never more than 10km.
    Last year I started training on a program and after some time it started pushing me out of my comfort zone in a BAD way, so I said screw it and ran at my own pace on my own map with nothing but music and a run tracker. It transformed my training! I love your approach to listening to your body’s cues and I thought you might like to know that for running, the same approach can works wonders.
    Happy Runs :)

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you’re also a distance lover! 5km is a nice happy place, mine is around the 4-5km mark now too! (Never thought I’d be saying that!!). And I have to agree with what you said about the training plan. It was nice to have something to work towards, but at the same time it pushed me too much too soon and it made running feel like a chore, which is something I never want to happen. I’m really enjoying running at my own pace now! Thank you for words of advice too, I really appreciate it :)

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