Spicy Sicilian Chicken!

It’s been a good week so far. Work has been busy as usual, but I’ve been getting some down time too which has been a nice balance. Something I’ve been lacking over the last few weeks. I always get tired/anxious when my balance gets thrown out of whack, and I feel like this week has been a good week for re-discovering that balance.

Today is my usual rostered day off, and I spent the morning picking lettuce from my balcony garden for dinner tonight, planting golden zucchini seeds in prep for some summer zoodles and fried zucchini flowers (well, hopefully anyway!), changing the water for all my indoor succulents and moving them out onto the balcony for some sun and then soaking some seeds so we can have fresh alfalfa and mustard sprouts to munch on next week. I actually got my 3-tier sprouting tray on sale at Aldi for $2.99! Such a bargain! I forgot all about it and found it again the other day and finally had a chance to wash it and use it today.




After I finish blogging, I’ve got a long list of things to do. Including things like organising my pantry (it’s currently at the point where I’m almost afraid to reach in for fear of knocking something over/touching something gross/never finding my hand again) and scrubbing and decorating our bathroom. 

Is it wierd I am actually excited to finally get these jobs done? A cluttered house really bugs me, and more organised it is, the clearer my mind is. So hopefully by the end of today, I’ll have ticked off everything my list! *fingers crossed* 


The recipe I wanted to share with you all today is for a really simple but delicious baked Spicy Sicilian Chicken dish. I used a whole organic chook that Jared so kindly cut up for me. I love using a whole chicken, because you get a variety of different cuts. But of course you can also just use 1.5 kilos  of chicken thigh, breast, wings or drumsticks.

I also left the skin on. I never throw away/remove chicken skin. you all know I love natural animal fats, hate wastage,  and plus the way it goes a little crispy and oh-so-flavoursome really just adds to the overall flavour of this dish. 

I seasoned the chicken then browned the pieces off in some olive oil. I made a sauce out of tinned tomatoes, stock, salt and pepper in my baking dish and then arranged the browned chicken, sicilian olives, chilli and oregano in it, before I popped it all into the oven to bake for 45mins. 



I love meals like this, where I can just put it all in the oven and forget about it. This would be great for a weeknight dinner. Just prepare it, put it all in the oven while you go shower, pour yourself a glass of wine or just out your feet up. In fact, why not just do all of that?



I actually made this last week on Thursday, froze it, and defrosted it again on Sunday night so we could eat it during the week for our lunches. It works great as a meal prep option! Just add some cooked rice, roasted veggies, cous cous or polenta!

Enjoy! x

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