Sydney Royal Easter Show

Hi lovelies, how are you all this long weekend? 

Ours is going to be crazy busy, so I thought I’d pop in and quickly share our day while heading down to my parents place (for once I’m grateful for the hour drive there!).

Last week I was lucky enough to win an Instagram competition that Sydney Fish Markets hosted, and scored 2 tickets to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I was so excited! I haven’t been in years! It can be such an expensive trip, so I was really grateful to win the tickets, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to go.




We got up early as we wanted to get there before it got too crowded. We got to the show at about 9:15am and it had just opened. There was still a bit of a crowd though (guess everyone had the same idea as us!). We started off with a coffee and split a banana bread at the Cosmos Coffee stand. Yum! Definitely a treat though, it was so sweet. I don’t think I could have finished a whole slice. It’s funny how our tastebuds change over time. A couple of years ago, I could have happily eaten the whole loaf!



We then spent a few hours walking around, exploring all the different sections.







We didn’t go on any rides, but it was fun just watching everyone riding them and reminiscing about when we were kids. I honestly don’t think I could stomach half the rides there, but as a kid I would have loved them all! You have no fear as a kid I think, I’m seriously such a wuss now!





loved these. Rastafarian bananas? Seriously?? I wanted one so bad!


We stood watching everyone attempt the “torture chamber” game, where you have to hang on a bar for 2 minutes to win a gigantic plush toy. No one got past a minute! Jared was itching to give it a go, and he started off well! Unfortunately he didn’t make it past the minute mark either. It’s so much harder than it looks. I didn’t even bother. Me? Upper body strength? HA!


We had a walk through the art display area too. Such beautiful paintings and artwork!



Can you believe these cake decorating skills?? Amazing!




We of course also tried out some wine! 


26 (2)


For lunch we just grabbed sushi. The line for everything else was ridiculous. I hate lining up, and sushi is always a good option!



We didn’t get any showbags today. The only ones we semi-liked were $25 and I really couldn’t justify spending $50 on a couple of bags we weren’t totally in love with. I did however, pick up two Stars Wars plush toys for only $10. THAT I could totally justify ;).


We also picked up some crystals at the Peace Love Crystals stand. Jared got his first crystal necklace! Severus approved it haha!



We had such a good day out, and we were so happy we got the chance to go! 

The only part I didn’t enjoy was the dog show area. I was so excited to see all the dogs, but it only made me sad when I got there to see them either cooped up in tiny cages or held down on tables being brushed/groomed for display. Some of them had ropes around their necks to hold them in place while their owners yanked at their fur with brushes, spraying them with hair spray and all the like to make them “pretty” for show. It disgusted me and I had to leave. As a pet owner myself, I couldn’t imagine treating my cat like that. It just broke my heart.

Aside from that though, we had a really great time and hope to go back next year!

I’m also at my parents place now, so I best be off! I’ll be off the blog for the remainder of the weekend so I can enjoy some quality family time. I hope you get to do the same!