Chunky Potato and Lentil Lasagna

Chunky Potato & Lentil Lasagna

I know it’s Wednesday, but I feel like I’m still recovering the weekend! Jared and I had a friend’s wedding, which was celebrated on a boat in the middle of the harbour in Sydney. It was absolutely stunning! We had such a great time, enjoying the view and the endlessly flowing champagne! There was alsoRead more

Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

It’s pumpkin season and we have not been short of it! It comes every week with our veggie box and I’ve been adding it to all our slow cooker meals and stove top soups. But I decided to do something different with it last week for meat free Monday and turned it into a creamyRead more

Pumpkin, Brussels Sprout & Mixed Bean Soup

After my post yesterday, I have been feeling nothing but inspired! I am currently bursting with cooking ideas and recipes to try out, I feel like I have my groove back! Last night I made us a really nourishing veggie packed soup, which was a perfect Meat Free Monday dish. It was extremely easy toRead more