Taste of Manly

Landing work in a clinic in Manly back in February was such a blessing. I know that sounds cliche but I really do love my job and the area I work in. I love our clinic, Manly Beach, the cafes and the markets that are held out on the corso every weekend. At our old place, there was no life or community, but it’s the total opposite here. It’s been a really wonderful thing to adjust to, and I feel incredibly grateful for this sea change. 

Cheesiness aside, I just wanted to share some photos from the weekend! The Taste of Manly was on for both days, and as luck would have it, Jared and both had the day off on Saturday so off we went to explore the food and drink stands. 

It started at 11:30, and we got there not long after that. We took one look at the  number of people quickly filling up the main street, and decided we needed some coffee first before we dared face the crowd. We went to Barefoot Coffee Traders, one of my favourite cafes. Jared got the almond milk mocha and I got an almond milk latte. If you ever want a deliciously indulgent mocha, please try theirs. It’s made with Belgian chocolate and is so rich and decadent. I get it every time I want to treat myself!


The festival was held near the beach, the council had closed off the street and instead of cars driving through it was instead lined with so many amazing stalls. There were the stalls from the normal weekly markets set up, as well as loads of wine and food stalls. 


We explore the market stalls first, then when hunger struck we decided to stop and have some lunch. After much deliberation, we finally chose the paella stand. They had giant paella pans filled with the most delicious smelling  chicken and seafood paella. We both got a dish of it and we weren’t disappointed, it was so tasty! I don’t think there was anything left on my plate except a couple of mussel shells and some lemon rind. We went at just the right time too. There was maybe only 2 people in front of us in line when we went, but by the time we walked past again after we had finished eating, there was a line about 15 people long! 


We spent the rest of the afternoon tasting wine, soaking up the sunshine and listening to some great live music. It was such a great way to spend our day off together, and I only wish this was a regular occurrence. Though I guess it wouldn’t be as special then, would it?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend everyone and I’ll be back here this week with some meal prep and recipes!

Laura x