The Assembly Gathering – An Autumn Lunch

As the weekend grows nearer, my level of excitement grows larger. This Saturday will be The Assembly Co’s second lunch gathering and I can not wait to dig into some delicious food and meet some like minded spirits!

The Assembly Co is an online store filled with gorgeous handmade furniture, homewares and knick knacks that I fell in love with earlier this year. It is run by Nia and Rohan, an absolutely beautiful couple I had the pleasure of meeting at the Autumn Gathering. They’re both such lively and passionate people, it was incredibly inspiring to be able to chat to them on the day, learn about their story and how they came to be where they are.

(Photo taken from their website
(Photo taken from their website

Although their Autumn Lunch was 3 months ago, I thought I would (finally) post the photos from the event to show you just how amazing their gatherings are and why I am so excited for this weekend’s lunch!

Their Autumn event was held at Raffles College in Parramatta, in a large warehouse studio type room. It was bright, airy and gave people enough room to mingle and socialise. Rohan greeted me at the door and led me into the studio, which was decked out in tables he had built himself, and gorgeous floral arrangements done by Lime Tree Bower. It was beautiful!






The Hop & Grain, a local brew store from Marrickville, were there providing us all with their delicious cider and some nibblies in the form of cold meats, bread and pickles. It was the perfect way to get the event started, and get our appetites growing!



The food spread was prepared by the lovely Anna from The Floury Baker, and it was phenomenal. There were 6 different salads to choose from, as well as a couple of different pies and tarts. Oh, that fig and caramelised onion tart was something else! It was the first thing I went for. Beautiful flaky pastry base, with a savoury and oh-so-creamy filling, then topped with sweet onions and figs… I’m honestly salivating just thinking about it.







I piled my plate high!



The food was brilliant, the wine was free flowing and I met some really lovely people at my table. I didn’t think it could get any better, until I saw the dessert table being set up.

Sally from Simmer and Boyle had put on a beautiful looking spread! There was coconut cake, chocolate brownies, dulce de leche, fresh cream, macarons, sugar biscuits…

Oh my.




20.The crowd went crazy for these delicious little treats!





I’m actually not a dessert person as most of you already know. I’m a lover of savoury foods, but I couldn’t resist trying out a few of the things. The brownie was rich and decadent, especially with a drizzle of dulce de leche. The macaron was perfectly crisp on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. And the sugar biscuit was crunchy and light, a nice bite to finish on after the richness of the brownie and macaron.



By the end of the lunch, I was so full and satisfied. There was no possible way I could’ve eaten another bite. I left a full belly and full heart from meeting so many great people.

Thank you Rohan and Nia for putting together such an awesome event, and I absolutely can not wait for this weekend’s Winter Gathering!

Laura x